Meghan Markle Pronounces 'Scone' to Rhyme with 'Gone' and We Are Confused

Is Meghan Markle giving an English accent a whirl?

On Tuesday, Meghan and her fiancé Prince Harry stepped out in Edinburgh, Scotland, for their much-anticipated Valentine’s Day Eve. Among the fans in the crowd was Carolyn Chisholm, 43, who gave the royal bride-to-be some heart-shaped potato scones from the bakery she runs with her husband.

“I just thought for Valentine’s the scones were a wee gift of Scottishness,” said Chisholm.

But Chisholm’s mother, 70-year-old Lynda Clark, had a small complaint. “ gave them to her aide, saying they were ‘scones,’ ” said Lynda Clark,...

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By: - Tuesday, 13 February

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