Nazis, zombies — Overlord is a giddy B-movie blast: EW review

If you can imagine the pulpy WWII revisionism of Inglourious Basterds cross-pollinated with the giddy grindhouse splatter of 1985’s Re-Animator, then you’re more than halfway to the insane B-movie mayhem of Overlord. Long rumored to be the next installment in J.J. Abrams’ Cloverfield cinematic universe (thankfully, it’s not), director Julius Avery’s gruesome Greatest Generation gorefest is its own preposterous Frankenstein’s monster — a surprisingly well-made mash-up of old-fashion war movie tropes and proudly disgusting horror-flick shocks. It’s a ton of fun.

Written by Billy Ray and Mark L. Smith, two scribes...

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By: Entertainment Weekly - Thursday, 8 November

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