4 Tips To Note Before Buying Your First SUP Board

Paddle boarding has gained a lot of popularity all over the world. It is an exciting activity that will help you to gain physical fitness as well as enjoy a great time of fun with your family and friends.

It is important that you buy a suitable SUP board so that you can engage in paddle boarding with a reasonable degree of comfort. The following are some tips to note before your purchase your first SUP board.

  • Do some research on different types of paddle boards

There are different types of paddle boards available for different uses. The board you choose to purchase will depend on the activity that you had in mind. There are all purpose SUP boards that are suitable for beginners and children. There are also surf SUP boards that are designed for surfing on high ocean waves, these are larger than the standard boards. Another SUP board type are racing boards which are extra-long and are more suitable for professional paddlers who need a board that gives speed. If you plan to go fishing with your board, then you can find a suitable fishing SUP board that has a good volume and is designed to carry fishing equipment.

There are many suppliers who offer SUP boards. However, if you want to get reasonable prices, search online for outlets that have advertised a stand up paddle board sale. You will get quality boards at a fraction of the previous prices. Another supply source that you can consider is paddle boarders who have graduated from beginners to professionals and want to put up their smaller stand up paddle board for sale

  • Choose the right board size

Choose a SUP board size that is suitable for your body weight and your experience in paddle boarding. A longer, wider and thicker SUP board has the capacity to carry more weight and it tends to be more stable in the water. Generally, beginners should use thicker boards because they are steadier, while more experienced paddlers can use slimmer, longer boards that give more glide. Therefore, if you happen to find a stand up paddle board for sale, ensure that the board size is ideal for you.

  • Choose between inflatable or hard boards

You can either buy an inflatable board or one made of harder material. Inflatable boards are more suitable for children and beginners because they have a lower risk of injury and they are easier to use. However, hard boards are more suitable for experienced paddlers who prefer speed and good glide.