What to Do If Your TV Says No Signal

You’ve just flopped down onto the couch after a long day, eager to watch one of your favorite shows, and the dreaded black screen and ‘no signal’ message appear on your TV.

So what do you do?

Switch it on and off, smack the remote a few times and hope for the best, right? Wrong. Here is a simple guide on how to figure out why your TV says no signal, and how to fix it.

Is Your TV Box On?

The most basic reason for a ‘no signal’ message is that your TV box is not switched on. Don’t worry, this happens to the best of us. Simply press the power button and ensure the box is switched on.

Check the Inputs and Source

Maybe your TV won’t connect because the input or source is wrong.

You need to ensure that your TV is on the same source as your cable or satellite box, and of course, that it is connected. Play around with the input control on your remote and TV until you come across the correct source unless you already know what it should be on, in which case just switch it.

Reset Cable or Satelite

Okay, so you might not have a broken TV, it could be a simple switch on and off of your cable or satellite to reset it. Remove the power cable and then plug it back in. Remember to select the correct input after plugging the cable back in.

Check the Cable Input

Connect the TV box to a different input port at the back of the television. After you’ve done this, remember to change the input selection using the remote or on your TV.

A common issue causing the ‘no signal’ problem is that a cable, usually the HDMI cable, isn’t fastened in the port. You might have an old cable or port that means the connection is loose and likely to fall out. You can wiggle it around to secure it and eventually look at purchasing a new cable.

Check the Antenna

If you’re using an antenna for local TV broadcasts, the poor TV connection could be because of the OTA antenna. This is especially true if you’re finding the issue on more than one TV in your home.

Check out the connections between coaxial cables and equipment. You may find that weather has damaged connections and you might need to replace some elements. While some antenna’s need a bit of readjusting after poor weather, the issues could require the help of a professional. Find out more about a more permanent fix to TV reception problems.

TV Says No Signal No More

Now that you’re equipped with expert knowledge, you don’t have to worry when your TV says no signal. Simply do these simple checks to identify and solve the issue.

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