A Complete Guide to the Top Sports Streaming Services

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the live sporting industry. The vast majority of professional teams are not letting fans attend the games in-person. This means that fans are turning to live television events and streaming services for their sports fix.

For example, the average NFL game is drawing over 15 million viewers. According to the Associated Press, all but 4 of the top 30 shows since September were NFL games.

However, many sports fans have cut the cord and are only streaming. This begs the question, what are the best sports streaming services?

Read on for a comprehensive guide to streaming sports. Explore how to watch sports without a cable subscription.


FuboTV launched five years ago as a soccer streaming service. For international soccer fans, FuboTV was a game-changer.

Two years after its launch, FuboTV added more channels for complete professional sports coverage. This past June, FuboTV reached a deal to live stream ESPN and ABC.

Now, FuboTV boasts the most impressive sports lineup of all the major streamers. They carry more than 35 sports channels, making it the leader in the industry.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a strong competitor to FuboTV for the best sports streamer. They carry more than 30 sports channels.

To reach this number, you have to pay an additional monthly fee. The Sports Extra package adds 15 sports channels to your lineup.

For example, consider you are most interested in basketball streaming. The Sports Extra package includes NBA TV and multiple college basketball channels like the PAC 12 network.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a competitively priced streaming service with access to all the major sports. This streaming platform gives customers the ability to watch 20-plus sports channels.

While this number is lower than FuboTV and Sling, it is still a good option for the everyday sports fan. They have crucial channels like NFL Network and the Golf Channel. Also, the college games are covered with ESPNU and the SEC Network.

Hulu Live

Many people are familiar with Hulu as a Netflix-type platform that streams movies and television shows. However, Hulu also streams live television for an additional fee.

Hulu Live carries 15-plus sports channels. While this may seem low to the competitors, they offer some channels that the others do not.

For example, one weakness with Sling TV is that it does not carry sporting events broadcasted on CBS. Hulu offsets that by carrying the CBS Sports Network.

It also carries other niche channels like Motor Trend and the AAC Network. Each sports fan has specific preferences. You have to research each service to make sure they carry your favorite team.

A Recap of the Best Sports Streaming Services

If Covid-19 is locking you down, the least you can do is get the best sports viewing package. There are some great streamers out there for every type of sports fan.

Before you select a service, make sure that the platform satisfies your sports preferences. For instance, if you are an NFL fan, it is imperative that you have the NFL Network and CBS Sports Network.

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