Advantages of online casino games over land-based casinos

I mentioned it at the beginning, but the biggest advantages of online games cannot be repeated enough. Not only are there significantly more games online , they are also available around the clock . Since much less staff is needed and players from all over the world can play with one provider, an online casino can also afford to be able to offer significantly better chances of winning . While this is not possible with classic games such as roulette or blackjack, since the chances of winning depend solely on the rules of the game, it looks different even with the best slot machines.

  • Why casino gaming is so much better on the internet:
  • All games are available around the clock
  • All games have a free play option
  • Much wider range of table limits
  • Larger selection of games and game variants
  • Higher payout percentages on slot machines
  • Play comfortably at home or on your mobile phone

You can also play from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to go somewhere first, stick to any dress codes or mess with other players who are currently besieging your favorite slot machine or who are otherwise uncomfortable. Nobody gets on your nerves and you don’t need to tip if you win big at the roulette table. In addition, you can play for much smaller amounts on the Internet than in casinos, but very high stakes are also possible online .

Another great advantage is the free play money mode. There are so many games on the internet and if you don’t really know the rules of the game you may not want to play for real money to see if you like the game at all. So you can simply switch to the play money game and just try out the new game. If you don’t like it, just move on to the next game until you find something appealing. Then you can always play with real stakes again and put your luck to the test.

What other games can you find in internet casinos?

The selection of games offered by providers on the Internet is not limited to slot machines, roulette and blackjack – there are plenty of other games of chance that you may never have heard of. In the following paragraphs I would like to introduce you to the different categories in more detail.

Casino poker

In casino poker you don’t play against other players like in Texas Holdem, but always against the bank . The game rules of these casino games are very different, in the end it is always about having the better poker hand than the dealer. The interesting thing about casino poker is that the amount of your winnings depends on the strength of your hand. A flush pays off better than two pairs, of course. In the table you can see the most popular casino poker games in comparison.

Casino poker isn’t the only type of card game, there are many more. The most famous card game of chance is baccarat , although personally I am not that enthusiastic about this game. With Baccarat it has to be said that the classic Chemin de Fer is not offered online, as in this game variant two players play against each other and the bank only deals the cards. On the other hand, you will only find the Punto Banco variant on the Internet , in which several players can play against the bank. One of my favorites at the Card Games is Red Do g at Betfair Casino. I enjoy the simple principle of the game with good chances of winning at the same time than just betting on the bank or the player in Baccarat.

The new card game Red Dog comes with a simple game principle and good chances of winning One of the new poker variants, Hi Lo 3 ​​Card Poker, is becoming increasingly popular among players The card game Baccarat is very popular in Asia and is now available online for all players

Card games of chance unknown today

  • Pharo, trefoil
  • Silesian lottery
  • Trente et quarante
  • Écarté, Hoggenheimer
  • Cameroonian Skat

Bingo and keno

You can also find lottery games in internet casinos, although the selection of games is rarely large. Often there is only one or two bingo or keno variations. Nevertheless, these online casino games have their fans, especially in America and Great Britain. Bingo is well known in this country, but keno has caught on in recent years and is also offered in the state lottery. Particularly interesting in the game is the possibility of winning if you haven’t hit a single number. The advantage of bingo or keno on the Internet is that you never have to wait for the next drawing and you can determine your stake yourself.

Video poker

Video poker games just like new free slots were only invented in the 1970s when the first PC’s slowly conquered private households. These games hit a nerve especially with players who do not trust themselves to play against other players for real money. In addition, a game round does not last minutes, but only a few seconds, which makes the game very entertaining. Below I have listed the payout percentages of the Jacks or Better variant, even with phone bill payments.

Dice games

Like bingo and keno, dice games are more of a niche existence in online casinos. This is mainly due to the fact that there are very few casino games with dice at all . The best known is of course craps, but hardly anyone really knows the rules of the game in this country. Personally, I prefer to play Sic Bo with three dice, where you place bets on different combinations of dice or numbers, similar to roulette on a tableau. As you can see in the table, as with roulette, the payouts also vary greatly with Sic Bo, but in some cases up to 180 times the stake can be won. Here, too, you can use Martingale strategies as in roulette .

Arcade games

The arcade games are not games of chance in the classic sense. In this category the games can have the craziest rules of the game. For example, you can bet on virtual horse races, play pub games such as darts for real money or gamble different Tetris clones in which lines with the same colors disappear and the corresponding payouts are paid out. But you have to note that you can find these “games of skill” like darts or bowling in the CasinoClub  . not control yourself and the result depends solely on chance , which in turn makes these games less attractive. Personally, I prefer the kind of Tetri games in which the paylines disappear, new blocks slide up and more paylines are created, etc. You can find interesting examples of arcade games

Betting on simulated horse races is one of the most popular arcade games in online casinosYou can now also play darts in online casinos against multiple players for real moneyClassic bowling is now also played online – this arcade game delights many bowling fans

Scratch Cards

Technically speaking, scratch cards actually belong to the lottery games. But unlike land-based casinos, where the so-called scratch cards are as good as not to be found, there are several of these online casino games to choose from in internet gambling halls. You can make considerable profits, for example, with the scratch cards of the Europa Casino  .

With online scratch cards, the player has a large selection of themes and price rangesMost online casinos offer scratch card games such as Wild JewelsNowadays, scratch cards or scratch cards are even offered in major online casinos

Jackpot games

The jackpot games are the most interesting games for me, because only here are the really big prizes to be won. The chance of winning millions is of course not very great, but you just have to challenge your luck, otherwise nothing will happen. The largest online jackpots can be found in the table below, and more information on progressive jackpots can be found on this page, whereby two games in particular regularly stand out due to their particularly high payouts: Mega Moolah, the Mega Fortune Slot and Hall of Gods. But there are also smaller jackpots that are easier to get. The small Age of the Gods Power Jackpot is hit every 30 minutes, for example. The specialty of these jackpots is that you don’t have to win in the actual game to trigger the jackpot! You can  try out these god games at Ladbrokes, for example .

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