Best Barbecue Side dishes to try

Although smoked meat and barbecue meat are a treat in themselves, most of us need some side dishes too for a better idea. These foods tend to offer the best to us. A tasty side dish might not steal the show, but it can contribute a lot towards enhancing the overall flavor. Also, they help to change the entire meal. 

Cooking meat is necessary, but you cannot completely forget about the side dishes that are to be offered. You need to add dishes that are complementary to your main dish. If you are looking for a side dish that can offer the best to you, it is necessary that you check for briskets, ribs, and pulled pork. So, let us check all the best side dishes that you can offer with the main barbecue food.

  • Coleslaw

Based on your preference, you may choose a coleslaw that is going to be the perfect side dish to your barbecue. It may be sweet or tangy or whatever you want. Once you have prepared the barbecue, it is time that you prepare the coleslaw as well. This has always been the perfect crowd pleaser because of its versatility. You can use it for any dish, and it tastes just as perfect as you want it to be. 

  • Corn Pudding

This savory has to be one of the favorites. If you know the “old is gold” thing, you should know this is a phrase perfect for the dish. Made of thyme and onions and corn, this pudding gives an extra kick to your smoked meat. If you want a better taste, you need to ensure that you keep adding cream. It may not be the recipe for you if you aren’t a cream fan. The jigglier the pudding, the better is the taste. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to offer the best. 

  • Bacon mac and cheese

Often people may argue about the addition of mac and cheese as a side dish, but then this is the perfect one. You can easily prepare it in your kitchen as a sauce and add it as a side dish. Popping some bacon mac and cheese on your plate as a side dish doesn’t do any harm. Moreover, it will be tastier if all the ingredients are mixed better. 

The experts at Jarry Viande Fumée prefer adding a range of side dishes to your smoked meat to ensure that you get the best of every flavour.