Black Buffalo- Born In the Midwest, Raised in the south

There are many brands out there producing dips, and one of the best among them is Black Buffalo. Just a glimpse at their site, one can notice the amount of creativity that the designer put into it. Now think about the products it has to offer. While being a customer-friendly supplier, the website confirms that a person is above the legal age of 21 years. There is a white patch stuck on the webpage that warns about the substance used in the making of the product and its addictiveness.


Appreciation for the tradition of Dip tobacco in Baseball

Baseball has often been described as the nation’s religion and has a special place in American hearts. A recent study showed that approximately 45 percent of major league basketball players use dip tobacco. Dip originally became popular among players because it kept their mouths moist on the dry and dusty fields during long games while the tobacco spit helped them in softening their hard gloves. Lenny Dykstra, Mike Miller, Tony Gwynn, Chris Sale, and Tyrann Mathieu are some names that come to our minds when we think about celebrities who used to dip or continue to do so.

What they believe

They are no different than you naughty dippers who love tobacco. With this information being delivered, there are some things they actually don’t like about tobacco itself. They do realize that there is something bad that comes with it. That’s why they provide the best quality alternatives for dip tobacco!

Artificial dips

Artificial dips are a smokeless tobacco alternative that delivers the same experience as traditional products. There is no tobacco leaf or stem involved in these commodities. The taste is similar to the dip you have been using. The texture gives the same feeling, adding more to the lost. It comes in enriching flavors and sealed packages. It is the closest thing a person has ever seen to a real dip.it is present in the market with bold flavors of wintergreen, mint, and straight. 

They asked a person who used this product about his experience with this alternative. He said he gave the product a try and really enjoyed it. He further added that one cannot differentiate between the original dip and tobacco alternative if not told.

Black Buffalo

Black Buffalo provides a substitute, for traditional dips, if you want to get more information click here. The brand offers flavors including mint, natural, wintergreen, blood orange, peach, and straight. It can be called as the king of all dips. It is well known for its high quality, great feeling, pure taste, and just the right amount of nicotine. The packaging makes it very attractive, and the texture is fantastic. Users viewed the products of this particular brand as everlasting, rich in taste and having the best alternative to regular tobacco dips.


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