Description Of Evaporative Coolers And Air Conditioning

Are you on the search for an efficient way to beat the heat this summer? If you don’t have an air conditioning system in your home, there’s an excellent alternative for you. It is also environmentally friendly and affordable – evaporative coolers. To effectively use evaporative coolers, you need to understand how it works. This knowledge will then help you figure out if it is the right fit for your home. There’s a lot to learn about evaporative cooling vs air conditioning, so stick close.

Description of Air Conditioning

When looking for the right cooling system for your home and business amongst evaporative cooling vs. air conditioning, you need to understand how both work entirely. An air conditioning system makes the home cool by circulating refrigerant to remove moisture from an inside space. Air conditioning systems make use of a fan to distribute conditioned air. This action will then improve thermal comfort in a home. Air conditioners work in fully enclosed systems because they make use of the air inside of your home. The air is passed through a fan coil and then sent back to the house. You have to keep your doors and windows sealed to prevent the escape of the manufactured cold air. When comparing evaporative cooling vs. air conditioning, air conditioning is relatively more expensive. Installation is tricky, and they require bi-yearly maintenance.

Description of Evaporative Cooling

On the other hand, evaporative cooling is more innovative in its approach. It cools the air in your space by evaporating water. How does it achieve this? It draws in fresh air from outside your home with a cooling unit, filters the air through wet cooling pads, and then releases the cool air into your home. All an evaporative cooling system uses to provide cool air is water and a fan. Evaporative coolers use the natural cooling method of evaporation, allowing for the opening of windows and doors. One of the main benefits of evaporative cooling is that it provides you with fresh, cool air all the time. It doesn’t recirculate air within your space. It is also known to be more efficient in its energy use than air conditioning.

In the evaporative cooling vs. air conditioning debate, the former is more environmentally friendly. It is also less expensive than the air conditioning system because it consumes less electricity to cool the air. Also, it requires very little maintenance to keep up and can raise the humidity in dry conditions, unlike the air conditioning system that dries out the air.