Difference Between A Plumber And An Installer

Colloquially, the terms plumber, system mechanic, and plumber are often mixed up. This is because some professions have now been modernized and are called differently today. Installers installed originally finished devices and system components such as heaters or washbasins. Her areas of expertise were divided into gas and water plumber (or plumbing fitter), heating fitter (also heating fitter), an electrical fitter.

This occupational group is often incorrectly referred to as “plumbers.” However, the current name for the former plumber is a system mechanic for sanitary, heating, and air conditioning technology (SHK for short) – and this is precisely what you should call if the toilet does not work or the sink is hopelessly clogged and how to find a great plumber is important as well.

After completing the training, the SHK plant mechanic’s occupation is divided into the main areas of environmental technology, gas and water technology, or air conditioning technology. With the simple term “installer,” you hardly do justice to this diverse profession – to use the word “plumber” in this context would even be completely wrong.

That’s What The Plumber Does

Contrary to what many people think, the plumber is mainly used on roofs. He processes thin sheets of iron, zinc, copper, lead, and aluminum and uses them to manufacture roof coverings, roof drainage, and ventilation systems. Its main task is to clad roof surfaces, chimneys, and facades with sheet metal. The plumber found in e.g. climate control plumbing services amongst others also installs rain gutters. the plumber’s job is to clad roofs. He takes care of facades, chimneys, and the installation of rain gutters.

An Installer Is Responsible For This.

When you speak of an installer, you mean a system mechanic for sanitary, heating, and air conditioning technology. However, this cumbersome term is still being replaced by the term “installer.”

Installers are the right contact for you if you want to plan and install new systems or modify and repair old systems. But plumbers are by no means just simple craftsmen; they just swap fittings or install pipes.

What Can “Installers” Do?

The plant mechanics for sanitary, heating, and air conditioning technology are versatile, skilled craftspeople. Your area of ​​responsibility includes planning, conception, construction, installation, and modification of various systems. You are responsible for: