Don’t Let Your iPhone Fail You! How to Fix an iPhone That Won’t Charge


Do you need to know how to fix an iPhone that won’t charge, fast?

You’re not alone. Among other factors, your Apple device could only have as many as 400 charges in it. How that’s calculated is complex and for another day. You don’t have enough time to worry about it.

Don’t waste another second, try these tips to get your phone charging!

Hard Reset Your iPhone

Any time you call technical support, they ask, “Did you try to reset your device yet?” Be honest, you almost always say “no.”

It’s true, though that the first thing to try if your phone isn’t charging is giving it a power cycle. It could be a software malfunction or an error in memory that needs correction. Rebooting the OS of the phone will definitely help.

Check for Cable Damage

Another simple fix, maybe even before resetting your phone or while it’s resetting, you can check your cable for kinks, twists, insulation breakage, and more. If you’re using a lighting cable, it doesn’t have a protective shield like USB cables, so it’s more prone to damage on the gold contacts.

Make sure there’re no dents or scratches visible.

If everything looks good, just try another cable first before moving forward with more difficult options.

Inspect Your Charging Port

Related to the cable check, checking charging ports for debris or lint is a good second step. Get a flashlight and inspect away. Jeans tend to gather more lint than others. A Charging port dust cap is a good aftermarket investment and a pack for the whole family could cost just a couple of dollars on Amazon.

To remove it, use the softest bristle toothbrush you can find (that’s also brand new) to gently remove any debris and lint inside. The bristles are just the right length and are unlikely to cause any damage as long as they’re super soft.

DFU Mode as a Last Resort

Before doing any hardware work, Apple will always try to fix the problem with DFU mode first and erase all your data. It isn’t nice, it isn’t fun, but that’s why it’s a last resort.

Make sure you have a backup (if you can) that isn’t too old first. Although, by now your battery might be extremely low.

Your Battery Might Be Toast

It could be that your battery needs repair. This could be for any number of reasons, but aftermarket batteries are not too expensive. Even newer models are reasonably priced on part sites like ifixomaha.com when compared to buying a newer model of phone.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to get a professional to do this one. That means being without your phone for a while. Afterward, though, you’ll enjoy a phone that has been factory reset and has a new battery.

It’s just like new!

How to Fix an iPhone That Won’t Charge: Now You Know

Now that you know how to fix an iPhone that won’t charge, you can get right on fixing yours!

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