Electric Bud Grinders vs Manual Bud Grinders

How to get the most out of your herb

Grinding your herb is a nuanced process. Grind your bud too fine, and you can end up with clogged airflow holes or torched bowls. Grind too coarsely, and your airflow will be too great, resulting in a loss of valuable oils, potency, and aromas. Unfortunately, manual grinders rely on the user to get a good grind, and if you are inexperienced, not paying attention, or it just isn’t your thing, it is very easy to ruin perfectly good bud with a lackluster grind. In order to get the perfect grind, every time, most bud enthusiasts have turned their backs on manual grinders and opted instead for a more advanced electric grinder to get the most out of their herb experience.

When grinding, it is so important to start with a clean grinder – this post gives great tips and advice on cleaning, hygiene, and user responsibilities when it comes to taking care of a grinder. A dirty grinder can increase your risk of jamming, clumping, and losing your oils to the build-up caked inside. When cleaning your grinder, be sure to use extra caution around any electrical components by removing batteries or power sources and avoiding any submersion in water.

Speed testing and efficiency

If you, like many others, are sick of manually grinding your bud and getting disappointing results, you’ve probably considered (or are considering) making the upgrade to an electric dry herb grinder to increase your potency and your overall experience. Most electric grinders are much faster than a manual grinder, and some are even 20 times faster! Imagine going from laborious twisting and hoping for the best to a perfect grind, every time, in 1/20th of the time. Manual grinders require a lot of effort once you’re done grinding as well – often necessitating a funnel or tray to dump your herb into before transferring it to the desired receptacle. If you’re in the market for an electric or battery powered grinder, check out brands/models with a hygienic dispensing tip.

When it comes to efficiency, the less time you spend grinding your herb, the better. Too much time grinding and tearing your bud can deplete flavours, aromas, and potency, resulting in a very disappointing experience from herb that could have been high quality. When grinding, you want to ensure you are using sharp blades, a consistently fast motor, and a clean unit.

The outcome – a clear winner

While there are a wide variety of manual grinder options available on the market today, the real innovation and quality comes from the electric and battery powered units. Just like a well-made pair of sneakers can be fantastic, when you need to get to the airport, you’ll probably take a car. Why settle for sneakers when you can have an innovative, quality car that gets the job done in 1/20th of the time, doesn’t wear out your body in the process, and consistently gets you where you need to go? The clear winner – at often similar price points, electric grinders are the future, and you’ll never want to go back.