Fashion Do’s and Don’ts: How to Look More Chic

Did you know the clothes you choose to wear can impact your emotions and mood? If you want to learn how to be stylish, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over the do’s and don’ts of fashion.

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Do Consider Layering Clothes

Build your outfit by considering how you will layer pieces.

Wear a bulky top with a pair of cute cut-off shorts. Try pairing a bra top beneath an oversized jacket. Add a coat over a dress. Layer your mesh shirt over tights. Don’t forget about your chunky jewelry.

Vary the proportion of your pieces, and look for contrasts. Don’t only focus on small and big shapes. Put loose and tight silhouettes together or light and thicker material.

In the winter, make the most of layering as you’ll be cold.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Most women will try too hard to look casual or chic. Find a balance between informal and formal, and classic and trendy. Experiment, but don’t try too hard.

Do Pick up a Few Hats

With fashion, you want to make a statement and create a defined look. An accessory like a hat can make your outfit stand out.
Look for a few different types of hats. Pick up a beanie and wide-brimmed hats in different colors.

Don’t Forget About Sunglasses

If something is missing from your outfit, usually it’s a pair of sunglasses. Pick up a couple of sunglasses to complete your look.
Look for a pair of aviators for the weekend look. During the workweek, look for a clean-cut pair.

Do Try the Office Look

Try to put together an office casual outfit. You can get a black or brown jacket that you can pair with different outfits.

Build your outfit around essential office pieces. You can add unique accessories to spice it up.

Don’t Hold Onto Clothing That Doesn’t Fit

It’s common for people to hold onto clothing items that no longer fit. You might hope that the item will fit you soon. Some people will buy a clothing item that’s too small as an incentive to lose weight.

Don’t hold onto these items or buy them. Try to remain realistic about your current size. If you have a bunch of clothing items that don’t fit, consider donating or selling them.

Do Look for Monochrome Pieces

Look for one color hue and go for that when choosing outfits. You’ll narrow down your clothing choices and match. This way, you won’t spend too much time looking for an outfit, and you’ll still look put together.

Don’t Pick up Things That Don’t Suit You

Holding onto pieces that don’t suit you can crowd your closet. People often buy things on a whim because it was on sale or it’s trending.

If the clothing item doesn’t suit you, look for something else. You want to pick up clothing items that make you feel confident. Don’t add items to your wardrobe that make you feel uncomfortable.

Do Look for New Footwear

Consider trading in your sneakers for high heels or your sandals for sneakers. Try to change your footwear, and see how you feel.
Trade your current footwear for something new.

Don’t Fill Your Wardrobe With Bargain Items

Discounts can win over most people. Many people end up picking up items they usually wouldn’t because there’s a massive markdown.

Don’t buy something just because it’s a good deal. Make sure you will wear the item or can imagine how it will complete an outfit.

Do Wear a Graphic Tee Below a Blazer

Look for a luxurious blazer and wear an edgy graphic shirt below. Pair the jacket and shirt with your jeans.

Your outfit will appear both dressed up and casual. Check out mob psycho 100 merch.

Don’t Avoid Colors

Are you ready to change your look? Combine neutrals with pastels or neon colors. Have fun putting different colors together and adding personality to your look. You’ll stand out.

Do Vary Textures

Put together different fabrics in one outfit. Add a suede top with a snakeskin skirt or a ribbed knit sweater. Don’t forget about a leather jacket or a silk top.

Go bold with your color choices. You could also keep them in the same shade but mix the textures.

Don’t Go Overboard on Patterns

You want to make sure you don’t go overboard when choosing patterns and prints. Don’t pair a printed top with a printed skirt or pants. When you choose something patterned or printed, pair it with a plain or solid piece.

Do Wear a White Button-Down Shirt

Add this staple to your wardrobe. A white button-down top is an essential piece. You can transition this piece from a business casual outfit to a night out with friends.

Your button-down shirt can get paired with a pencil skirt or slacks. For a night out, wear your top with skinny jeans.

Don’t Over-Accessorize

Make sure you don’t wear multiple layers of bracelets and necklaces at the same time.

Try on various types of accessories. Layer one or two if you’d like, but no more than that. Wear pieces that suit your outfit. For an elegant look, choose pearl earrings or tiny silver hoops.

For a night out with friends, wear a chunky bracelet or necklace.

Now You Know Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

We hope this guide on fashion trends was helpful. Now that you know about fashion do’s and don’ts, start revamping your wardrobe.

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