Find Your All Details for the Cichlid Fish

Please keep these types then you must therefore ensure sufficient snail shells. In some cichlids, each male mates with one female, in other species, the males with multiple females. This is not related to the brood form. Sometimes has one male a harem of females, each with its own breeding ground within its territory. These fish lay several to several hundred eggs at a time. The eggs hatch after one day four weeks off, depending on the species, for example the mouth brooders from Africa a lot have longer incubation periods than many of the Cichlid Fish from South America.

There is no set reproduction time

Eggs can be laid all year round. Diseases and conditions to keep your fish healthy, it is very important to ensure good water quality and good nutrition. You can prevent stress by leaving the fish alone and as much as possible maintain a fixed day pattern. Don’t put species that bother each other.

  • Signs of health problems are dull or affected skin, pinched fins, one abnormal body shape and abnormal swimming (for example, rocking or skewed).Cichlids are susceptible to ‘cavity disease’. This creates holes in the skin of the head. This is possible are caused by a lack of minerals in the water in combination with an infection the flagellate Hexameter (also called Octomitus ) or Spiro nucleus .Cichlids can, like many other aquarium fish, suffer from even more parasites to have. Examples of parasitic skin conditions are white spot and velvet disease.
  • Also on the Gills and intestines have parasites, including various worms and flagellates. Bacteria can cause various fish diseases. Columnar is disease mainly affects the skin and gills and can quickly spread to a serious illness. It is difficult to treat. Fish TB is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium. This affects the organs of the fish and causes granulomas, small yellowish globules between and within the organs. In humans this bacterium can cause swimmers’ granuloma, a disease with skin wounds where a long antibiotic treatment is necessary. Fish TB can also be obtained through live and frozen foods transferred, so buy it from a trusted address.

An example of this is fin rot

It is important not only to treat the condition remedy, but especially also to detect and correct the primary cause. Fish can often recover after a quick treatment. In the animal or aquarium specialist you can get general advice about diseases and possible treatment methods. You will also find some resources to treat diseases here. Just make sure that you continue to treat for long enough to kill any pathogens.

There are also veterinarians in the Netherlands who are experts in the field of fish diseases. Is If you need laboratory research, you can contact the fish disease laboratory of theWBVR (Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, Lelystad).You can read more about this in the Practical information on ‘Diseases and conditions in freshwater fish’fish diseases. Required experience the group of cichlids is very diverse. Various varieties are suitable for beginners, such as the zebra cichlid ( Amatitlania nigrofasciata ; keep in mind its aggression, combine it therefore not with small or fragile fish and provide enough space), the bright yellow Labidochrom is caeruleus , the colorful Haplochromis sp. Ruby Green and also the famous sunfish( Pterophyllum scalare ).

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