Garden Rooms and What You Would Do there

You can fully enjoy your garden room all year round. It is a lasting investment that benefits you every day. Your home appears more spacious and has a luxurious look.

Think carefully about the doors you will be using

Last but not least, it is also always very important to think carefully about the doors you will be using. During your garden room, do you opt for patio doors to the outside or do you prefer a sliding door? It is even possible to create a garden room where doors are not used. So consider carefully which option is most interesting for you.

In a garden room, the connections with walls or the like are always closed with compress-tape and sealed. This ensures an excellent waterproof connection.The floor in a garden room can consist of an element pavement or poured concrete floor. If you have thegarden room prepared with an insulated concrete floor, prevents rising cold and moisture. You can get the garden buildings uk options for the same now.


The beautiful and attractively decorated showroom gives a clear picture of what the Garden Room has to offer. The range offers a wide range of garden furniture, lounge sets, barbecues, garden tools, patio heaters, lighting, garden accessories, pottery and seeds, as well as spas, saunas and infrared cabins. The showroom has recently been expanded with various shop-in-shops of sun blinds, custom garden furniture and spas and there is a wide range of greenhouses. New are the wood construction garden houses or sheds and roofs. We specialize in custom work for arbors, garden sheds and canopies. It is beautiful in any garden and canopies provide protection against sun, rain and wind. They come in all sizes and for every atmosphere. From advice to design and from realization to maintenance, everything is possible with us.

Are you convinced of the many advantages of an outdoor room and do you want to buy a garden room? Then there are some factors to consider. Garden rooms can be found in multiple styles and materials. In addition, a garden room can also have multiple functions than just a relaxation room. And don’t forget: do you need a permit to install a garden room?

Styles & materials

Aluminum is the most chosen material for garden rooms. The low maintenance and long life of aluminum are the main reasons. Aluminum is available in all possible colors and creates a sleek, modern look. Even after years of exposure to sun, wind and rain, aluminum shows no discoloration, cracks or rust spots.

A wooden garden room is also possible. Wood guarantees a warm, natural look and integrates perfectly into your garden. Wooden garden rooms require much more maintenance than aluminum. Fancy a new color after a few years? Then you give your outside room a new look by repainting.

Relaxation area or garden office

A garden room can be used for several purposes, if:

  • Relaxation area: read a quiet book or just enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Play area: ideal place for children during rainy days.
  • Garden office: linking effort to relaxation in a fairytale setting.
  • Covered terrace: ideal for parties with family and friends.

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