How Can Face Shields Make a Difference in this Time of the Pandemic?

The parts of the world are already witnessing the latter half of the first wave of COVID and some parts are ready to witness the second. In a situation like this, it is perfectly normal to assess the practicality of the usability of face shields. Cloth masks are now officially known to have limited practical usability against respiratory droplet spreads. The lone standing solution, to scale up protections is face shields along with the face masks. Here are listed a few ways which ensure how beneficial these shields can be in times of pandemic.

  • The biggest benefit that one can draw is that these shields directly prevent an individual from consuming aerosol particles floating on air. This level of protection against such smaller particles could not be even achieved with just cloth face masks on.
  • These shields are very monotonous without much variability in the core material with which they are made. This makes it easier to disinfect them and use them multiple times.
  • These shields undoubtedly provide greater relief and comfort to many individuals over the usage of face masks. Individuals with or without respiratory medical issues find it hard to breathe. Some even found it claustrophobic.
  • Wearing masks for a prolonged duration led to the accumulation of facial sweat and sebum that led to chronic acne problems in many individuals. The face shields released their users of any excess facial indentations and irritations.
  • Individuals bearing problems of their motor nerves or people with autism, seizure, or anxiety faced issues with placing masks on their faces and constantly trying hard to maintain the placement. Putting on a shield enabled them to become free and burden-less while moving out.

Despite these benefits, it is required to know how to place a shield properly to attain its maximum benefits.

  • Fitting it properly against the curvature of the ears, extending it below down the chin.
  • The lower of the face shield could be used to create a curvature, deflects the flow, and movement towards the individual’s body and not the fact. This, in turn, decreases more chances of infection.

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