How Leaders can help their Team Manage Stress

Stress is one of the biggest obstacles that one needs to deal with as a leader. No matter how normal it is to be stressed out, one must avoid it at all costs. Especially when we talk about the workplace or a team, the leader needs to help his colleagues deal with stress. Hard deadlines, late-night workings, inappropriate work-life balance, and several other facts can add to a stressful journey.

Human beings tend to offer less productivity when they are stressed out. As a manager, it is essential to create a healthy workplace and look out for the employees. A positive ambiance can help the employees put in extra effort whenever needed.

Make Goals Clear:

Following a chain of command is useful. However, the whole process is corrupted if the goal is not being described to the team properly. As a leader, it is your responsibility to set goals that are clear to the team. This way, the team can dedicate more to improving the work quality than spending time on what they should start with. With this, one can even avoid the possibility of editing the work over and over again, giving the employees peace of mind.

Flexible Working Hours:

The number of freelancers has increased in recent times. Most individuals like to go with their projects rather than following what the company has to offer. The main reason behind it is the flexible working hours and the freedom to dictate their own rules. With companies bringing in flexible working hours, the team is getting a ‘say.’ However, it is advised to ensure that all the team members are present together once in every 3-4 days.

Encourage the Team to Grow:

A leader’s job is not just about getting the work done. He has a lot of responsibilities as he needs to look out for the employees as well. The mind needs a break from the daily chaos. This can be achieved by hitting the gym or taking a walk in the park. All these small activities can add up to the positive atmosphere in the office. The leader should help the employees to grow both at the workplace and in personal life.

An example of a product achieved after encouraging the team to work collectively is construction project, The One Toronto. The One, built by a team of dedicated people, is a tall skyscraper located at 1 Bloor West. After its completion, it will be the tallest building in Canada.

Work Recognition:

A lot of people miss out on their work recognized as a fresher. This is a significant mistake conducted by several leaders. A leader is not someone who just leads the team; he has to make sure that all the team members follow what he believes. With work recognition, every team member will have extra motivation to put in hard work, and therefore, the productivity level will be high.

The four tactics mentioned above can be helpful for a leader in the long run. After all, it is the people who choose their leader.