How Much You Need to Spend for Your Floor Sanding and Polishing?

If your floor is of timber material then you need to carry out regular maintenance of your floor by doing sanding and polishing from time to time. This will be very important to maintain your floors durable and also aesthetically pleasing.

To keep proper tabs on your process to polish floor particularly your wooden floor, you will need proper planning too. You have to remove all your furniture and other furnishing items before you are going to sand your floors and then followed by polishing and drying.

In many cases, whole your family also needs to move out of your house and stay in any hotel or an alternating place to live. Still, it will be worth taking all these troubles to maintain your floors as in due course of time your floors can easily get deteriorated due to lack of maintenance.

Maybe you may also have to take up an expensive repair if you hold your regular maintenance for a very long time.  and in the longer run, more, repairs may be needed to bring your floors back to their best appearance.

Factors that may affect the cost of sanding your timber floor

Having beautifully sanded as well as polished timber flooring will make a huge impact on the appearance of your home. To estimate the cost of such sanding and polishing of a timber floor will depend on the following few factors:

1.     The present condition of your floor surface

Your old flooring must have developed stains, scratches, splinters, or raised nails that can make the floor sanding job more difficult. The floor sanding professionals need to ensure that your floor is properly leveled and remove the stains before they start their actual work.

2.     Your floor type

Much different timber flooring is available like hardwood, cork, and bamboo, etc. The wood type that needs to be sanded can also affect the total price as the professionals may need a certain specific tool or employ a different process.

3.     Your floor finish

Sanding for a glossy type floor finish is quite different from sanding floorboards having a satin finish. Therefore, there can be a difference in costs based on your type of finish.

Should you sand your floor DIY way or hire a professional?

Of course, you can go for a DIY approach, however, you also need to be a little careful and cautious. Simply polishing of a floor can be quite straightforward, however, as far as sanding of a floor is concerned, a DIY way may not give that good result that you can get if you prefer to hire contractor from the website of FlooringDomain.

Floor sanders are professionals who may be doing this job day in and out and they can offer a proper finish even in certain difficult positions, which may not be possible in a DIY way.

If your present timber floors have got deep and visible scratches or dents then hiring a professional will be a good idea to get a quality finish.