Terms like bespoke, made-to-measure, custom, etc, all are identical when we talk of corsetry, just like ready to wear, off the rack, and made to order have comparative or covering definitions, but it all depends on the creator of the corset. This implies they should all follow an identical procedure for making custom made corset dresses, isn’t that so? Sadly, it is not generally the situation. Very frequently, I hear tragic stories of custom made corsets that don’t fit well because a fundamental thing was overlooked. This is what you ought to expect when requesting a custom made corset dress, made to suit your body.

  • Making a precisely fit custom corset begins with complete and precise measurements of every customer. The figures for measurements will fluctuate depending on the creator’s designing procedure and the style of a custom corset requested. In case you are being approached just for a bust or underbust, belly, and hip figures, remember that those measurements aren’t adequate for a genuine fit. A number of vertical figures are likewise required; other measurements can as well help your tailor affirm the best fit for you.
  • The most significant thing in the whole process is Mockups. Regardless of how experienced your tailor is, without a mockup, the fit is never going to be genuine. Indeed, even ready-made corsets go through testings while manufacturing and by the customers as well, so for what reason would you not test the custom made corset dress? Measurements are not the only thing to make custom corsets work for you.
  • Once the mockup thing ends, next comes the refinements which revise the pattern. Whether a second mockup is made or not, it depends on the number of changes that are required and your tailor’s standard procedure. This procedure may need to happen a few times.


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