Innovative Physical Therapy Techniques For Disability

Do you have a disability and don’t know what kind of techniques you should use? Do you know the new innovative physiotherapy techniques? Like wheelchair lift accessories which are currently trendy? This time we present them to you.


Eighty percent of the world’s population will suffer from physical pain somewhere in life; physical therapy is one method that helps treat this condition at all levels, both chronic and acute.

Performing rehabilitation therapy involves applying various techniques ranging from laser to kinesiotherapy as innovative physiotherapy techniques.

Doing these therapies implies well-being on a physical level, but it can also help prevent complications and ailments linked to disabilities and diseases. Also, patients are taught how they can avoid future physical incidents.

Innovative Physiotherapy Techniques

Myofascial Techniques

These techniques are focused on achieving recovery from injuries that are made in the locomotor system. It is done manually through massage in the connective tissue; thus, tensions at the muscular level are relieved. It works with the fascia; in this way, circulation is improved.


Part of our list of innovative physiotherapy techniques, lasers help reduce pain caused by arthritis, muscle tears, neuralgia, trauma, among others.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is part of Massage Therapy, linked to the lymphatic system’s function to help eliminate molecules, interstitial fluids, and help make evacuation easy.


This treatment is based on passive or active movements of the joints and muscles that have been affected to improve their functionality.

This is a beneficial technique for injuries at the muscular level, in cases such as paraplegia or tetraplegia.


As part of the innovative techniques of physiotherapy, thermotherapy deals with the application of heat in the body’s extension with instruments that have a temperature higher than the body temperature. The heat spreads from the agent used to the body.

This technique creates physiological effects at the cellular level in the digestive system, the urinary system, the circulatory, nervous, and blood systems, on the skin and the muscles.


As part of the innovative physiotherapy techniques, cryotherapy consists of applying intense cold to the areas to be treated to destroy damaged or pathological tissue.

It is similar to thermotherapy, but it uses the opposite effect, and its uses are different.

If you are a person who has a disability, you already know the new innovative physiotherapy techniques, consult your doctor to find out which is the best for you. And if you already use any of them or all of them, tell us how your experience with them has been! Remember that the most important thing is your health and how these techniques work for you.