Learn More About Horus Watch Straps

When we buy a watch, the first thing we think about is the design of the dial or if we want it digital or quartz. But, the watch straps are a fundamental part of it; you can Learn more about Horus Watch Straps.


It is a quality material that is not destroyed by water or sweat. Steel straps are often combined with different colors: gold, silver, or the currently popular shade of rose gold. The steel can be polished or matte, or they can also be combined, creating many possibilities from which everyone can choose.

Steel watch bands can be classified into two types. The classic one with more pronounced metal components can form various patterns and the so-called mesh watch. They are made of small metal eyelets, look very elegant, do not put pressure on the wrist, and perfectly copy it’s.

You can choose a titanium strap too, with all the steel properties, but it is lighter and doesn’t contain nickel, so it is suitable for allergy sufferers.


The most classic is the leather strap. It fits almost every earth watch. It looks elegant, and thanks to the choice of various colors, stitching, and types of leather, it has several variants. The most commonly used types of leather are pig, cow, or goat. However, beware of specific types: elephant, sharkskin, or crocodile pays for luxury items, but many rare animals are killed for this.

If you like leather straps but want to go a greener and quieter way, you can choose a synthetic leather/eco-leather material. But expect a shorter lifespan.


Watch strap in silicone, rubber, or resin is ideal for sports or for people who like sporty style. On the other hand, silicone has more advantages than rubber. It is more elastic, softer, and more economical. In addition, silicone is a durable, resistant, and very comfortable material for the skin. Besides, there is a variety of colors to choose from. In addition, it holds well on the wrist. Rubber straps have similar properties to silicone.


Textile straps give a very urban look to watches; they are ideal to look stylish without adding years to your life. In addition, they are lightweight, do not put pressure on the hands, and are popular among all those looking for original and exciting models so that you can choose your favorite from many materials and designs. They are affordable, so there is no problem getting more watch straps and change them according to your mood. That is why they are among the most chosen by the young audience.


If you want a durable strap, go for ceramic, it is a long-lasting material, and it does not scratch. However, ceramic is a complex but fragile material. Ensure that your watch does not fall on the floor or another hard surface, as it could get damaged.

The ceramic strap is perfect for anyone with allergies, does not feel cold in hand, is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The experts know that a new strap can change the look of your watch; a change of color or style in the belt will transform the look of your watch.