Matthew Davies Discusses the Most Dangerous Birds on The Planet


What’s the difference between a vulture and a pigeon? One can fill your heart with warmth, while the other one pecks at your heart when there is no warmth left. According to Matthew Davies, the world of birds is cute, rare, fascinating, and sometimes, dangerous. Let’s look at some of the most dangerous of these diverse winged creatures.  

The Birds

  1. Snowy Owl – Owls are majestic nocturnal birds and the Snowy Owl is one of the most beautiful among its cousins. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the dark grey spotted white bird’s lethality. This species of owl is large with wingspans that can reach as far as 60 inches and weigh around 3.5 to 6.5 pounds. 

These birds are native to the Arctic Tundra and it is speculated that the harsh condition has molded this species into dangerous creatures. They are aggressive protectors of their territories and have few natural predators that include wolves and jaegers. If they identify humans as a threat, they will target your eyes and head with sharp talons. 

  1. Mute Swan – It is native to Europe and one of the largest waterfowls in the continent. They live in freshwater sources like rivers, inland lakes, and ponds. Once this species of swans opens its wings, the wingspan can stretch up to 2.4 meters and can weigh around 28 pounds. 

Don’t be fooled by their majestic and beautiful form. They are known to be aggressive and might attack you if you go near them. The attacks and aggressiveness can inflate drastically during nesting seasons since these birds have to defend their zone. 

  1. Lammergeier – These birds look like martial arts masters trapped in a bird’s body and one of the oldest species of vultures of the planet. They have dark hair growing around their beaks which gives them the appearance of bearded vultures. Wingspans of these creatures vary between 2.3m and 2.8m and they weigh around 7kg or less. 

They dwell in Asia, Southern Europe, and Southern Africa and rule over mountains while gliding on air with their gigantic wings. Lammergeiers also have a very interesting diet and can devour small bones completely. If they target hard-shelled tortoises or find large bones, they will drop them from high altitudes to break their food for easier consumption. However, this prey-dropping technique can become lethal for humans in the area. 

  1. Red-tailed Hawk – You can find these deadly birds throughout North America. They glide through the sky with large wingspans of 38 to 43 inches and can weigh around 2 to 4 pounds. 

Like a few other birds in this list, their deadly weapons are their talons. They will attack you with their powerful talons to defend their territory if you cross into their boundary.


Matthew Davies believes that these birds are beautiful and glorious, but dangerous as well. You should keep your curiosity in check and maintain your distance from these birds. For a better view, you should either visit the zoo or use some good quality binoculars.

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