North American Bancard Agent Program Allows You To Save Money With Flat Rate Credit Card Processing 

If you’re planning on entering the field of Merchant Sales, you will have many options as to which company you should enroll yourself into. Though the choices are varied, you need to choose the best company for yourself. Before choosing, you are advised to go through their terms and policies, understand them, and then only join. You can also compare the terms and policies of various other Merchant sales companies and they come to a decision. Though most of the companies are authentic and have different policies, yet it is important to understand your requirements and then make the decision.

North American Bancard Agent Program

North American Bancard Agent Program is not only the oldest but also the largest Merchant Sales Company. It has been serving the American businesses to prosper since the year 1992. It is one of the best in the field of merchant service providers. If you are planning to be a Merchant Service Salesman, North American Bancard agent program is probably the best option. Given below are some points which make it a good choice.

Free equipment

North American Bancard Agent Program offers free equipment to every Merchant Salesman. This equipment can either be until the merchant decides to utilize the services provided by the company or as long as a terminal lease has been signed. The merchant needs to go through the contract thoroughly as everything is mentioned in the contract. This free equipment comes with a wire and can be used by the merchant for innumerable transactions.

Bonuses and residuals

The salesman can earn an ample amount of bonuses. These bonuses are dependent on the work of the salesman. These bonuses are paid regularly for every new account opening, activation, or approval. The more you can bring business to the company, the more will be the bonuses that you can earn. These bonuses can be accumulated for a year, and at the end of the year, you will have a huge sum of money in your hand. This is a very productive way as a salesman is motivated to give their best to earn more bonuses. Apart from bonuses, they also offer residuals to their salesmen.

Save money with a flat rate

The flat rate is another way to attract more customers. It allows you to offer your clients payment options without any confusion. The headache of PCI fees or any other fees is eliminated. It is one of the most famous pricing models for credit card agencies. The company charges only a fixed percentage on the volume of a transaction. Clients can now save money with flat rate Credit Card Processing.


If you are new in the field, worry no more for North American Bonacard Agent Program takes care of that. Proper training is provided to all the agents before they can join the job. All queries are entertained and the products and services are well explained.

Customer Service

North American Bancard Agent Program holds the pride for having the best customer service in the field. It is 24 X 7 open and tries to solve problems of merchants as well as representatives within seconds.