The Different Types of Wedding Bands Explained

It’s a moment many people wait their whole lives for: a walk down the aisle and the exchange of ‘I do’s.’ Leading up to this moment, hours of work and research often are put into finding the perfect engagement ring.

However, little thought is put into finding a wedding band for the groom. It’s something that we don’t really think about as all the hysteria around a wedding is being built up. However, it’s not something you should allow to slip your mind completely.

There are many different types of wedding bands out there. Understanding the options available should help you find the variety that will be right for you. Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Types of Wedding Bands

If you haven’t turned your mind to think about wedding bands yet, you might not even know where to start in determining which will be right for your hand. There are different varieties for different reasons and understanding the ins and outs of each type will be beneficial to you in making a decision.

Classic Bands

First, there’s what is known as the classic wedding band. This is a band that is mostly unadorned: it comes with no stones, carvings, or other add-ons. Most men don’t want their wedding band to make a big statement, they want it to be simple and unadorned.

For this reason, the classic wedding band is very popular. They are considered timeless, traditional, and classy. If you’re not looking to do anything ‘special’ with your band, going with a classic is a good way to go.

Usually, a classic band comes in a half-round shape and is made from yellow gold metal. You can see an example of these classic bands at

Carved Bands

Just left of the classic band is the carved band. The carved wedding band retains a classic and timeless look but updates it just slightly with a modern feeling. Rather than commit to the smooth shape of the classic band, a carved band features etched edges.

Many men find that this form of design feels more masculine than the curved shape of the classic band. Many also consider this design to be a lot more eye-catching and attractive in general.

If you like something sleek and elegant but want to feel more of-the-times, a carved band can be a perfect solution.

Diamond Wedding Bands

Want to get a little fancy? Need your wedding band to catch the attention of others?

Looking into rings that contain diamonds is going to make a real impression on those around you. Grooms not afraid to be a little flashy in their own right can look into this equally popular form of wedding band.

Diamond bands can vary in their presentation. Some bands may have a single diamond, much like a traditional engagement ring. However, diamond wedding bands might also come with a row of smaller diamonds. They might come in a design totally unique to that band.

Men trying to retain the masculine feel of their band might invest in black diamonds as opposed to the clear variety. These have a cool, sleek look.

It goes without saying that a diamond wedding band will be more expensive than the other varieties of bands we’ve mentioned. However, if you feel like you’re ready to drop money on making a statement with your band? Diamonds can be a boy’s best friend too.

Wedding Band Materials

What material should you have your wedding band made out of? While gold is the most popular material, it is not the only option out there. There are also varieties of gold that you’ll need to decide between.

Why is gold so popular? It is a malleable material and has a high resistance to abrasion and scratching. That means it’s easy to design and hard to harm.

What type of material might you consider when choosing a wedding band? Let’s take a look at your options.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is often the most popular. It is a traditional metal and is what many wedding bands and rings have been made with over the past one hundred years.

The bright and attractive color of yellow gold is what has long made it a staple of weddings and general matrimony.

Rose Gold

However, if you’re in the market for something outside of the traditional yellow gold, there has been a rise in the popularity of some other options. Rose gold is prime among them.

This is a form of gold that has a slight pink tone mixed in with the yellow color. It tends to have less shine than pure yellow gold, which is appealing to many men. The pink color comes from a different proportion of silver and copper in the material.

Rose gold also tends to pair very well with diamonds, meaning some women tend to be like the material as well.


What if you get a wedding band that isn’t made from gold at all? You could get one that is made from platinum, which is a metal that is high in value just like gold.

A platinum wedding band is silver in appearance, bright, and very resistant to scratches and even acids. There is a sense of exclusivity and class to platinum that is due to the scarcity of the material.

This kind of wedding band can be expensive but can provide an alternative choice to traditional gold.

Types of Wedding Bands Explained

There’s so much attention put towards the task of finding an engagement ring that often people forget to think about a groom’s side of the equation. Understanding the types of wedding bands available to men can help you make the right choice for your wedding.

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