These Are the Different Types of Fences for Your Home

Are you looking for a fence to keep friends and family in, yet let intruders know that they should stay out? Fences come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the one right for you is a minefield. You need to know the choices on offer to make sure you make the correct choice.

If you need to know the materials available for your property boundary, then look no further. Below, we present a must-know guide to the types of fences available.

Types of Fences From Wood

Wood fencing is the choice of homes across the world. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and a variety of wood types. The benefit of wood is that it is cheap, durable, and very easy to make aesthetically pleasing.

The bigger the fence, in terms of length or height, the more expensive it will be. They will need pillars at various points to hold them up. These can be made from a variety of materials, including wood and concrete.

A well maintained wooden fence, that has been weatherproofed and sealed, can last the lifetime of your home. They are also easy to install without professional help.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum is one of the most sturdy and hardwearing substances you can build a fence from. It is also light and can look attractive. Often, they can be made from recycled material, making them a great option for anyone concerned about the environment.

The only problem is that because of the expense, aluminum fences come in strips and slats, as opposed to planks available in wood. Therefore, they do not always offer the same level of privacy.

Wrought Iron

No fence makes a statement as wrought iron does. In fact, many iron fences can survive for hundreds of years. The older they look, the more character and appeal they have.

Wrought iron fences are durable, and it would take a large hit to dent or scratch them. They can come in a range of styles, often with ornate designs and ornamentation.

They do need to be well maintained. Paint can flake off and this can lead to them developing rust. You should reapply paint every four to five years.

You can spruce up an iron fence by applying a coat of linseed oil or wax every year, and rinse it with soap and water. Even old wrought iron fences can get easily restored with some scraping and sandblasting.

PVC Fencing

PVC is a cheaper way to add an attractive fence to your property. They work in the same way as a wooden fence and can come in just as many colors and designs. However, instead of expensive wood, they use PVC to keep costs down.

The posts are made from wood internally but coated in a PVC sleeve. This means you get the stability at posts, but you will find it less sturdy in between. Due to its makeup, it has the potential to last forever.

Chain Link Fencing

While not as aesthetically pleasing around houses and yards, chain link fencing does have its benefits. It can usually be spotted around municipal buildings, schools, and businesses. Chain link is very cheap to install, requires only a little maintenance, and is extremely durable.

Chain link fences can come in several heights and thicknesses. Often, people who have them on residential properties choose to interlace them with plants and decorations.

Unfortunately, it does not offer much privacy. Once damaged, it also takes special skills to repair so you may need to call a chain link fence repair expert.

Woven Wire Fence

A woven wire fence is similar to a chain-link fence, but it has a slightly different structure in the metal wire. The metal is galvanized to provide extra strength. It is cheap and functional.

For this reason, it is most likely to be spotted on a farm. It can subdivide pens and fields. Extra features can be added easily, such as barbed wire.

Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing is starting to become a popular feature for many homeowners. Not only is it relatively cheap, but it also gives a great look to a home that blends the exotic with the functional. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly choices you can make.

You can buy bamboo in canes or rolls in many garden centers and building yards. One option is to install a live bamboo cane. This is only recommended in warm climates, and it will take a lot of maintenance due to the rapid rate at which it will grow.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is one of the hardiest and durable substances on the list. It resists a lot of adhesions, including paint, so with just a pressure wash, it will look as good as new. It is fire-resistant, will never split or crack, and will not weather or rot like wood.

It can be more expensive than a lot of wood options. When the time comes to repair, which is rare, they can be tricky and costly to fix. Installation costs can also cost a lot more than wood fencing.

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is an option only recommended for people who want to keep animals inside. The installation involves digging a trench into which a wire is placed, with a wireless transmitter nearby to activate it. A battery-powered collar, attached to an animal, will sound when the animal goes near the boundary, or give it a mild shock if it tries to cross.


Once you have the types of fences selected and make a purchase, be sure to get a professional installation. Although some fences can be installed yourself, mistakes can be costly.

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