Why is Long Range Important in a Baby Monitor

There is no doubt, with the presence of your little one in your house will make the whole room full of happiness and blessings.  If you are new to parenting, who has just had a baby, surely you want the best for your little one.  Therefore, having a baby monitor is one way to give extra attention to your baby, especially if you are far away from him or her.

In fact, a baby monitor is a tool that can monitor your baby’s condition at any time.  Thanks to this modern electronic, you can relax and feel calm when you can’t be with your little one within distance.  That’s why, in this discussion, you will find out the reasons why the long range feature is important in any type of baby monitor.  

  • Depending on which baby monitor devices you use, some will include audio and video systems that are used to remotely monitor sounds and movements made by your baby alone, such as crying sounds, movement of his or her legs and hands, or other audio and video sources coming from the room where your baby is.
  • When your baby is asleep, and you need to do household chores, then you can count on this feature of the long range.
  • Depending on the long range baby monitor brand, the range distance can work until almost 150 feet just inside the house. 
  • Usually a baby monitor will be very safe for your little one, if it has a low radiation power feature. See this guide on where to mount the baby monitor for optimum viewing angles and safety from radiation.
  • The baby monitor is also equipped with a system to report your baby’s sleep activity, body temperature, voice and even the sleeping position of your baby.  
  • As with the video call system on a baby monitor, you can also video call your baby if you have to be away from home.  The type of long range baby monitor used is accompanied by a high-quality camera feature and an optimal zoom lens.

So, according to what you need to find in a baby monitor, make sure to understand all the important features of the tool first.  Before you do that, consider the following features in finding the right long range baby monitor for you and your baby:

  • Choosing the right range distance according to your home size.  When you have a large home or sometimes you need to do some errands outside, then you definitely need a longer range system. Click here for a detailed guide on the best long range baby monitors.
  • Safety wise, the monitor should always be put away from your baby and the crib, or out of reach from your baby. 
  • Audio vs Video— here, the choice of detecting sound will usually be easier to reach in the long range, but with the video system there will be a distance limit of use. 

So, depending on the needs of you and your baby, the choice of long range baby monitors plays a very important role in the comfort and safety of you and your little one.  For that reason, the choice of a multifunctional baby monitor will provide a smarter and more secure solution.