Xiaomi Mi Band 2: New Kind of OLED Display

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 develops using the Xiaomi Mi Band 1 and keeps the benefits of it. This latest product creates new kind of OLED display, which teaches you the information of energy, steps counting and heartbeat in a intuitive way. It’s a good partner when you are performing the sports. I’ll share you more in depth specifics of it next and you’ll continue studying for everything you should know.


Instead of Xiaomi Mi Band 1, it possesses a number one sort of OLED display equipment. .42-inch OLED screen reveals the testing data. Besides, there’s just one physical button underneath the display, which enables you to definitely certainly scroll through three different screens, including time, steps counting and heartbeat information. However, precisely what a pity it doesn’t demonstrate the movement distance. But a great idea to improve better buyer experience.

To be able to pursue elegant and comfy putting on effect, that particular outfits colorful and sturdy silicone strap. It will be available in black, orange, eco-friendly and blue colors.


For Xiaomi Mi Band 2, it owns probably most likely probably the most outstanding highlights of heartbeat monitoring. Configured military-grade ADI sensor, it’s precise and efficient records. Besides, it possesses a new progression of customized alerts to nudge you to definitely certainly certainly do a little sports should you sit within the extended time.

As a few things i stated before, it keeps the benefits of Xiaomi Mi Band 1, for example water-resistant, sleep monitoring, phone unlocking, etc. It’s very best to utilize in your daily existence, which assists your house is a nourishing existence.

Battery Existence

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 features a 70mAh battery, which claims 20 days on standby. The dpi wil attract and impressive. Extended battery existence eliminates the advantages of our troubles.It’s convenient you can use it in the extended time.

However, the conclusion result was given using the official that requires our experiments after using on our own. We’re expecting the in-depth review to inform us the reality.


According to the OLED display, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 offers probably most likely probably the most outstanding benefits of effortlessly knowing your testing data with no Mi Fit Application. Upgraded new generation of Xiaomi wristband gives you better buyer experience. I like this latest design and be grateful. If you’re exactly the same wishing with this particular, you might have a go!