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Raising Low Blood Pressure: What’s the doctor’s advice?

Low blood pressure or hypotension is not considered a disorder and most times does not warrant extensive medical attention. With the fast-paced and sedentary lifestyle choices, hypertension is on an ever-increasing trend and many are taking precautionary measures to keep...


What is Magnetism? 

The ancient Greeks were first among the earliest people who observed magnetism and electricity in their natural state. The origin of the words ‘Magnetism’ and ‘Magnet’ can be sourced back to the name of a Greek tribe known as ‘The...


How Much Should You Be Spending on Rummy App?

Rummy is probably one of the renowned card games that can bring considerable levels of excitement at any time. Furthermore, interested players could use a Rummy app to play the game anywhere according to their convenience. Many popular rummy websites and apps...


Nussecken , A Yammy German pastry

    Nut Corners OR Nussecken : Nut corners or Nussecken (in Germany) make a delicious addition to your cookie platter made with buttery shortbread ,a sweet apricot jam layer ,and a caramelized hazelnuts topping ,these mini nut bars are...

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