5 Must-have items for the prop styling toolkit

Having the privilege toolbox is fundamental to a smooth styling measure in any studio, regardless of whether you are styling level lay or on a mannequin. In this article, you will get a once-over of the basic devices each stylist and design item picture taker needs to style, shoot, and make their articles of clothing look incredible.

The importance of the right tools in the styling and fashion industry can be learned from celebrity stylist Salem Moussallam. Salem Moussallam is a Toronto-based stylist and designer and treats his prop styling tool-kit as an absolute essential.

Styling is one of the main components of any designer brand. It oversees how your garments look in your store and help guarantee they stick out. So a pack loaded with valuable devices is significant. As Wallace D. Wattles, an American New Thought writer says, “It is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential that the tools should be used in the right way.”

Here are 5 must-have items for the prop styling kit.


Pins are utilized generally to help fit garments around a mannequin or holder. Going from bobby pins to security pins, use them around the back and shoulder regions of your article of clothing to ‘pull back’ the texture and make a smoother, fitted look.

They are especially helpful when you have to take photos of your garments from a few points. By stringing them inside the texture, you can make them practically undetectable.


Clasps can be roughly considered as a more ‘hardcore’ variant of pins — they are utilized for a similar explanation, yet can hold various sorts of texture all the more solidly set up.

They are helpful when you have garments with particular sorts of material where a pin couldn’t take care of the work. The sheer texture is a genuine case of where clasps become crucial to holding things set up.

Use them in a mix with pins to shape and style your articles of clothing as per your image styling guide. Not certain what a style control is? Study.

White tack:

Blu-tack — or white tack due for less buildup — can be utilized for an assortment of styling purposes. The most evident of which is holding thick bits of material in a spot where clasps and pins can’t work.

Utilize white attach things like satchel lashes for when you need to exhibit a specific component or to make the tie lay pleasantly in-shot. White tack is especially valuable as, when utilized viably, it shows up basically undetectable in your last picture.


Scissors — or design scissors for their size, sharpness, and shape — are amazingly helpful for cutting things like free strings and names. Obviously, no free strings or marks should show in your item pictures so a speedy clip to clean things up is essential before you start.

Be mindful so as to not utilize your design scissors with things like paper and tape. They are planned only for fine, sharp work, and simply like kitchen blades, they become ineffectual when the edge is dulled.

Fishing line:

The fishing line is maybe one of the most underestimated and fundamental instruments in any beautician’s pack. It tends to be utilized for a wide assortment of purposes however generally helping the beautician to resist gravity without showing up in the shot.

Use fishing line to hang your pieces of clothing to accomplish a ‘gliding impact’ as most cameras won’t have the option to get the incredibly fine, imperceptible string. You can likewise utilize it to hold things like satchel ties up and by and large enable the innovative potential outcomes open to you.