Top 10 Curvy Sex Dolls Of 2021

Curvy sex doll lovers, here is the list of the top 10 curvy sex dolls of 2021. Let’s check this and find the best one for you.

  1. Megan

Megan is a sex doll with a B-cup and a height of 5’2”. Megan is one such Dol which is ready for respect at any moment. If you had a busy day or a bad day at work and want to get some relaxation at home, Megan might not allow you to do that. Her vagina is always on the lookout for an amazing sex on the bed or in the bathroom. The curvy body that she possesses is amazing and becomes an obsession within a few days.

  1. Adelle

If you are low on budget and yet on the Lookout for amazing sexdolls, then Adelle is the best choice for you. She is the hottest doll with A beautifully curved body which can be purchased at a very budget-friendly price. If you are looking for and hot and steaming sex and are tighten your budget then definitely go for her. With a height of 3ft 10, she is sure to make you go crazy for spending the night with her.

  1. Maria

If you are on the outlook of a sex doll with amazing boobs, then Maria is the best choice. The 5’7” doll is perfect for adventurous sex life. They are the best for men who are unable to get sexually satisfied with their wives or female partners. Maria has also had been a good choice for the lesbian. Her physical features are tempting enough and will make you fall for her. She is considered to be the Queen of the sexdolls.

  1. Lana

If you are a fan of amazing body features and amazing curves then Lana is one of the piper doll for you. She is physically very fit and tries to keep up her body features by involving in a lot of sports and horse riding. She is known to be the owner of the most amazing lingerie that is sure makes you go weak deep down your dick. You will be aroused in no time as her panties and bras are that intimating. She is best for any kind of sex be it vaginal, oral, or anal.

  1. Francine

Francine Is a doll who unlike other silicone dolls is not ashamed of asexuality but is ready to embrace it. She knows that she sexually halts and is able to make a man weak at any time of the day. She is well aware of the strengths and weaknesses and is ready to use them appropriately so that she is able to please her man the way he wants.

  1. Olivia

There are men who have a lot of expectations from their partners. Although having a person fulfill all the expectation is impossible yet this can be made possible now with the help of a customized doll. Olivia Is one such sexdolls who are able to provide the exact happiness and satisfaction and pleasure to a man that he had expected from his partner. All the user needs to do is provide their details and Expectations and Olivia is ready to abide by the orders.

  1. Puniana

Puniana is one of those silicone dolls who fall under the category of Anime dolls. She has an amazing, bulky ass and her boobs act as the cherry on the cake.  The full torso girl comes with a curvy body that is sure to lure a man. Her physical features are really worth admiring. She is a mini-doll with a weight of 10 kg when measured from the neck to the ass.

  1. Kaneko

If you are new to the world of sex dolls and are confused about whether you will like it or not. It’s time for you to get hold of a blow-up doll. This will not only help you in saving your money but also get an idea about your likes and dislikes towards a sex doll. The Dollhouse168 has such dolls in the store. Kaneko is one such doll which can be blown so that the man can have a really good time.

  1. The realistic torso

There are many men who have a space issue or don’t have many places to keep a full body sex doll. For them, it is better to get a half body sex doll with amazing curves, so they can be attracted towards it. One such silicone doll is ‘the realistic torso’. She has enormous, curvaceous breasts which will make you cum.  She has been medically tested and it has been seen that she is safe. Sex with the sex doll is not only going to be an experience of a lifetime but also safe.

  1. Dollhouse168

In order to get hold of the most curvaceous sex doll, one can visit the site of Dollhouse168. They have our right collection and you can pick your one from there. It needs to be remembered that the doll that is being purchased should be attractive enough for you to fulfill the purpose.