8 Living Room Redesign Ideas for Your Home

In the past months, you’ve likely spent more time at home than usual. As a result, you may have noticed that your home needs a makeover. Outdated furniture, clashing colors, or cluttered spaces are all things that can negatively affect your living room.

If you are searching for some inspiration, we are here to help! With these eight living room redesign ideas, you’ll be on your way to improving the appearance and character of your home.

  • Try a Soothing Color Palette

There’s no doubt that colors can influence how we feel. By using pale and neutral colors along with traditional living room ideas, your room will instill peace and sophistication.

To achieve a spa-like feel, you will want to make sure that you pull shades from a narrow spectrum of hushed tones. Add in textures from nature, such as wood floors, a leather chair, and plants.

  • Make a Statement

Does your living room feel plain and drab? If so, you may want to add a daring statement piece. A statement piece can be a bold rug or light fixture that contrasts with the room. However, it does so without clashing with the overall feel you are trying to accomplish.

  • Spice Up Your Walls 

To add some dimension to your room, you may want to incorporate some living room wall decor ideas. One such idea involves unique 3d decorations. These may include mirrors, shelves, macramé wall hangings, wallpaper, a basket wall, or any other mountable items that showcase your personality.

  • Create Your Gallery 

Gallery walls are the perfect solution to convert bland walls into an expression of your character. To create a gallery wall, all you need to do is collect your favorite pieces. These can be paintings, family photos, typography images, or anything else you feel like showing off.

  • Achieve a Minimalist Style

Minimalism isn’t about bare white walls and furniture, but rather, creating a room that allows for mental space and energy. If you want a minimalist living room, keep these small living room decorating ideas in mind.

  1. declutter
  2. add well-placed furniture of varying shapes and sizes
  3. use neutral tones
  4. store items out of sight

Anything that you don’t love shouldn’t be occupying space and cluttering up your home.

  • Let in the Light 

If you reside in the city or can’t get as much outdoor time as you would like, it’s time to let in the light! Instead of dark curtains that block those bright rays from coming into the room, opt for sheer curtains. You’ll feel much more invigorated and ready to conquer your day.

  • Go Green 

Plants are air-purifying, vibrant, and inexpensive, so there is no reason to leave them out of any living space. Decide whether you want larger floor plants, tiny succulents, a hanging herb garden, or blooming flowers. Then, search for plants that will thrive in your living room according to their care instructions.

  • Modernize Your Walls 

If your home is older, it may feature wood paneling or brick elements. While these were popular back in the day, they usually make the room appear smaller and darker.

One option is to replace these materials with newer, more modern ones. Nevertheless, if you want a quick fix, you can add a fresh coat of bright, neutral paint to your brick fireplace or wood paneling.

Implementing Your Favorite Living Room Redesign Ideas 

With all the extra time you have to spend at home, you’ll likely be able to try out more than one of these ideas. Thus, your home will be a more comfortable and enjoyable place, and you’ll feel much more refreshed.

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