Get Rid of Dust: 3 Spots in Your House That You Forget to Clean

Do you love keeping a clean home? If you do, you’re probably quite confident that you have all areas covered, but dust can build up in a few areas that even the most meticulous cleaner might forget about.

If you’re wondering where these spots in your house are, as well as how to get rid of dust for good, keep reading to discover 3 of the most forgotten about places in your home.


The refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in your home. It’s likely that you open and close it dozens of times a day, whether it’s to get milk for coffee, butter for toast, or ingredients for meals.

You may regularly empty and clean out your refrigerator. But refrigerators don’t just need to be cleaned on the inside. Have you ever dared to take a look around the back?

A huge amount of dust can accumulate on the coils on the rear of a refrigerator.

Unplug your refrigerator, pull it out from the wall, and take a vacuum cleaner to those coils – you’ll be amazed at how much dust will come out, and you’ll remember to check it more regularly in the future!

Forgotten-About Pots and Pans

Most people have a collection of pots and pans, and while most will be used for cooking, frying, broiling, and stewing, some may sit at the bottom of a shelf.

These infrequently used pots and pans don’t get the benefit of regular cleaning, and so will start to gather dust. The time may come to bring these pots and pans out. Perhaps you’ll have a large number of people to visit, or you’re cooking a big batch of food.

You may use one of these dusty pots and pans without checking for dust.

While dust isn’t necessarily dangerous in small amounts, nobody wants dust in their food!


Lightbulbs last far longer nowadays than they used to, so they have more of a chance to get dusty.

This can make lightbulbs less effective – the dust can block light coming from the bulb.

Dusty lightbulbs can also be a fire hazard so make sure you include them in your regular cleaning schedule.

How to Get Rid of Dust

Regular cleaning is the best way to ensure a dust-free home, but life can be busy. Recurring house cleaning services are an excellent option to ensure the dust doesn’t get out of control.

Aside from professional cleaning services, regular vacuum cleaning should take care of the most obvious sources of dust. Running an air purifier can also prevent the buildup of dust.

Be Proud of Your Home

These were just 3 areas where dust can accumulate unnoticed. There are several more, so why not take a look around your own home and check for spots you may have missed.

Once you’ve highlighted these areas, you can get rid of dust and move one step closer to the clean home you dream of!

If you are looking for more information and advice on keeping your home clean and tidy, check out the home section of the blog.