Build Up Your Choices with the Best Interior Design

The interior design today has become a vital activity, if we want to avoid unpleasant surprises or exorbitant costs and then not get what we requested. In these cases the professional comes into play: the architect or interior design that can follow us from start to finish from the long-standing paperwork for home renovation planning, to carrying out the work, to managing the budget. It is very important, with a view to optimizing time and costs that everything is carried out in the best way with a well-defined project, right from the start. Make use of the Interior design software  in this case.

We Spend Most Of Our Life Inside Buildings:

Maximum time we live in houses, palaces or offices, but we think too little about how they make us feel. The architectural conformation, the home furnishings or the subdivision of spaces can influence our mood, even heavily. This is why each of us should have the opportunity to think, design and create the living environment that is closest to their own concept of well-being.

Whether we find ourselves designing a house from scratch, or we want to renovate the house, we have the opportunity to create what will be the house of our dreams. Taking into account the needs, requirements and desires, the interior design will be very important. Programming and design will be the guiding words from that moment on.

In this article we will give an overview of the steps to follow, perhaps sharing them with an interior design professional, to design a new living space, regardless of whether it is a new construction or a renovation. Now Foyr Neo offers you the best solutions.

Home Design and Renovation

We decide to change by will or by necessity, a home may seem trivial but in reality it is very useful, to make a list of all the aspects that we consider important in interior design. Arm yourself with good will, pen and paper and start thinking about what may be a priority for us, when we think of the words home design and renovation.

Interior Design: Priorities

Let’s try to identify the fundamental aspects; each of us will then give an order of importance to each of the listed elements:

Budget definition: It is certainly the first step to consider when it comes to large expenses for the home (purchase or renovation). In these cases, it is very useful to contact a professional who can know more, even if only for a quote. In this way you can get an idea of ​​time and costs for what concerns the entire interior design.  A second way could be the one that leads to a new trend: contract furniture.

A turnkey service in which a specialized company contractually undertakes to provide the environment, object of construction or renovation, completely finished with masonry works, furnishing accessories and furniture. A legal agreement establishes well-defined times, costs, roles and responsibilities, between you (client) and the contractor. It could be a solution for those who have little time and prefer to delegate, while maintaining control over the choices of every detail of their home.

Number of rooms: In case of house renovation or construction, we must necessarily decide on the square footage, which will obviously be constrained by technical, logistical and housing reasons. What is certain is that, whether we are talking about a 50 sqm apartment. that of a nineteenth-century castle with 3 floors, you have to decide the number of rooms we want there, in addition to the type (3 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, etc.)

Dimensions: Each room will have a square footage that we must decide, possibly with the help of an architect or a specialized interior design company. The square footage is very important; there are also 3D graphics programs that give the possibility to realize how big that environment will be. Visually it can really be very useful to understand how much 30 square meters really are, for example.