Casino winning odds in numbers

All players who gamble are interested in casino winning odds. It is natural: no one wants to lose their money, and the prize is the best result of any game of chance.

Curious that the majority of casino visitors pick slots, not card games like Blackjack, where the chances to win are higher than in gaming machines. However, it can be explained easily: slots are simple. It is enough to make a bet and push the Start button. After that, the machine, using RNG, will do everything for a casino visitor. They have to watch the game simply and wait for a big win.

Casino games with the best odds

Experienced gamblers, who are aware of the rules of the most wide-spread card games, know for sure that playing cards online, they have more chances to win than in a case with gaming machines. They even have their own list of the games that bring them money regularly. Here they are.

Blackjack: 0.13%. Blackjack has the best casino winning odds. The casino edge is 1% or, up to 0.13%. Besides, the game rules are pretty simple – the beginners can start playing BJ even if they never played cards.

Craps: 0.60%. Newbies suppose that this dice game is a bit complicated, and the bets’ rules are difficult. It is cool if a player finds an online casino where they can play Craps in a Demo mode. When they understand it, they can risk money to earn more. Craps’ rules can be also found at the portals online devoted to gambling and table games in particular.

Roulette: 2.7%. The essence of the game is that a gambler bets on certain numbers, then the croupier turns the wheel, and if a ball falls on the player’s number, they win. In most gambling establishments, the casino advantage for Roulette is set at 2.7% for European Roulette and 5.26% for American.

However, as usual, all games of chance depend on the players’ luck. Some gamers like using favorite strategies when gambling, but it is already proved that this policy does not always work.

Casino games with the worst odds

Wheel of Fortune and gaming machines have the poorest casino winning odds.

Wheel of Fortune: 11.2%. A simple idea of the game usually has extremely low probabilities of winning – 54 to 1. Moreover, the advantage of the casino starts from 11.2% and reaches 24.07%.

Slots: 1 chance out of 49836032. The chance to win the jackpot is 2400 chips: 1 of 262144, and if we are talking about the jackpot from $ 8 to 33 million, this is 1 chance out of 49836032.

Therefore, table and card games bring players the best wins. It is cool if a future casino gambler starts training these games at home, using their computer or a smartphone.