If you are an owner of an Android device, there is good news for you. Now you can easily watch and enjoy vr music video on your android device with the help of Google Cardboard. All you need to do is; slot the device into the Cardboard viewer that is cheaply made and start enjoying the 360 vr video experience. This can be made more epic by using virtual reality goggles. 

If you are into a more enhanced vr music video experience, then it is important that you invest in a decent virtual reality headset or the simple virtual reality goggles. You can use these elements to get more immersive experiences while watching your favourite 360 vr video content. Depending upon the manufacturer of the headset you opted, you may need to connect the virtual reality headset or virtual reality goggles to your PC similar to the case of the Oculus Rift by Facebook. Sometimes the virtual reality headset may not require any type of extra addendums to work perfectly if you choose the right type.

There is a wide variety of places where you can watch and enjoy a plethora of vr music videos with your ideal virtual reality goggles. Following are some of the best places we have discussed that can be checked out if you want to enjoy 360 vr videos:


The number of apps being designed for the purpose of watching vr music videos is increasing exclusively with every passing day. Currently, those apps, such as NYT VR and Vrse, that are designed to offer the mega experience of 360 vr videos can be easily accessed by the users via Google’s Cardboard. You can experience this fun if you have an android device and virtual reality goggles. The user can easily get access to these as well as many other similar virtual reality video applications.


Another mind-blowing experience that can be felt includes watching vr music videos that are saved locally on any of your machines. This experience, for sure, will not be as good as it was while tapping on the icon of YouTube. Still, the main cause behind this is; the actual amount of downloadable 360 vr video content, that can be enjoyed at its best with your virtual reality goggles. This content is scarce and firms usually prefer to make more money by streaming certain kinds of videos as well as bookending them with ads. They do not make it available as free downloads.


YouTube remains at the top of the ideal android destination list. No matter, you are into 360 vr video or vr music videos, with the Cardboard and of course your virtual reality goggles, watching virtual reality videos on YouTube turns out to be much simple and easy. This is because all you have to do is; load the compatible video on your android and simply tap on the Cardboard icon which is appearing on the lower right corner of your phone screen.

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