How easy is it to pass the b1 English test? In this pandemic situation, are there any changes in the way of examination process?

For every study, there must be a level. If the person wants to shine in the subjects, the assignment only when they complete and overcome the stages, they would be well trained. In many other countries, people would struggle to learn, speak, and to write in the English language. Through passing the exams, they would train some more. Here the b1 english test is an intermediate level to learn English. At end, the learner should be able to have better with more confident conversations in English about any familiar topics. While reading any of the languages would be more difficult to speak when the person starts communicating with the other person, they would gain more confidence while stage speaking, and he would get fluency in the language.

To pass the B1 English test, people should able to concentrate on the English speaker. He would able to understand his words. This test will be conducted just for 10 minutes, and the result of your test will be mailed to the tester at the end of the next day. And if the learner is passed out, he would receive his certificates within his 7th or 8th day. And the main thing is here the tester is not said to write, and to memories, they should listen and attend the further questions that are asked from the speaker’s concepts.

How are the tests conducted?

Here to apply for the online exam, you should pay by online transactions. And still, now the rate of application is the same 150 pounds. After receiving the payment from you, they might send a confirmation mail to you. The test is conducted through video call and not the face to face conversation as like before. The main difficulty for all people is about their speaking test. Here we can see some tips to pass the exam so easily.

First, the examiner would ask about your introduction. So you should be well-practiced in introducing yourself to the examiner. Some examiners will ask the tester about to start their introduction. And some examiner would test by asking the tester name, passion, hobby, etc… Here the tester would spell the spelling of each word when the examiners ask them.

Whenever the tester would say about their life history or else some other information, it should make the examiner be impressed by preceding it. To be the best tester, you should give some additional explanation with your answers. By adding but the word in your conversation, you can talk more in your conversations. At the same time, the information should not be more content in it. Within one or two minutes, you should able to finish your answers. There no more notes to memorize and to read a lot before the exam day. The simple way is to have continuous communication with your neighbours in the English language because speaking is the practical method. When we do anything in practice, it will stay more in our minds.