How to Design and Create a More Accessible Home

13.7% of American citizens experience issues with mobility.

There are many shops and restaurants that require the use of steps to enter. Some doors don’t have an option for wheelchair accessibility, and it’s difficult to navigate through crowds of people with little consideration.

The one place where accessibility is the most important is the home. It’s where people find comfort, relaxation, and familiarity.

How do we create an accessible home? Read below to find the answers. There’s plenty of must-needed information to discover.

Lessen the Use of Stairs 

Stairs are a huge obstacle for many people with mobility issues. Wheelchairs aren’t able to up the stairs, and many people may find it physically dangerous to try and walk up to any steps.

Create a more accessible home by installing things like ramps, chair lifts, or even a small elevator. All of these things allow for better access throughout the home.

Your cheapest option of accessibility is a ramp. Build a ramp on the outside of your home either in place of your front steps, or you can place a ramp on the side of your front porch to allow the option of either.

If you have a multi-level home, consider hiring professionals to install a chair lift. Freestanding elevators for your home are also an option to consider if you can afford them.

Lower the Height of Cabinets and Sinks

For anyone in a wheelchair, reaching cabinet and sinks might be difficult. Create lower cabinets and sinks for easy access.

If you’re unable to remodel your kitchen, use any lower cabinets to store essential items. You can even buy organizational tools to turn your countertops into places to store things like condiments, snacks, and spices.

Other Easy Changes

There are many other things to consider when creating an accessible house. It won’t happen overnight, but you can start making small changes now.

Create larger turning radiuses for wheelchairs by guaranteeing there’s no furniture by any corners of the hallways. It’s also best to check no furniture is grouped too closely together anywhere in the home.

You can also be looking into special flooring that helps prevent falls. Read on here if you’re unsure where to get started. You’d be surprised how many dangerous slips happen in homes every year.

As far as the bathroom, install a walk-in shower. You’ll also want to place a bench in the shower to allow for easy showering! While you’re in the bathroom, install a metal bar on the wall by the toilet to allow for better balance.

A Valuable Home Is an Accessible Home

Boost accessibility and the value of your home by creating an accessible home. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but any improvement helps.

Start by lessening the need for stairs. You can do this by adding things like ramps, elevators, or chair lifts. You’ll also want to lower the height of your cabinets and install a walk-in shower.

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