How to Dress Modestly: A Fashion Guide

Are you looking to change your fashion style to something more modest? Whether it’s a shift in personal taste, family preferences, faith, or a new personal preference, there’s nothing wrong with making a change.

But do you know how to dress modestly while still maintaining your personal style and staying on-trend?

It may seem impossible, but this isn’t true. There are plenty of popular clothing options that still allow you to have the level of modesty that you’re looking for. We have a brief style guide for you. Keep reading for some of our favorite ideas.

High Waists Are Your Friend

Are you jealous of all of the cute crop tops that your friends are wearing, but you’re not interested in revealing your own belly? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay more covered up.

This is where high-waisted skirts and pants come in.

Not only do they prevent any accidentally exposed skin when you raise your arms or shift the wrong way, but they also allow you to wear all of the most fashionable tops without being too revealing for your comfort level.

There’s something classic about a high-waisted midi skirt paired with a shorter top. It’s a look that transcends time.

We Love Layers

Why are so many of the most beautiful dresses strapless? Why are so many skirts and summer dresses short enough to be comfortable for you?

Fret not. Layers are a great solution.

You can layer in the standard way, with cardigans and leggings. This is a great choice for the cooler months and most people do these things anyway. You’ll be on-trend without even trying.

Otherwise, why not wear one of your favorite t-shirts (more favs here) under your new sleeveless or strapless top or dress? You get the best of both clothing items that way.

Look at Vintage Silhouettes 

While today’s fashion magazines may focus on more modern and revealing styles, vintage is also totally in. Taking a page from vintage fashion might be the way to go.

Take a look at outfits in the 1940s, for example. You could see some of those flared skirts and slim-fit tops on Instagram today. The look is back in!

Seeking vintage inspiration is a great way to feel stylish while you’re looking for modest clothing.

Too Hot? No Problem

While modest clothing is no big deal in the winter when everyone wants to bundle up, those of us in warmer climates may find it problematic. How do you stay cool when it’s hot and humid? Those short-shorts sure look appealing right now.

Do as many other cultures do and wear loose and flowy clothing in light colors when it’s hot. A maxi sundress with a lot of room for your legs to breathe will keep you feeling cool enough for a hot summer day without needing to show too much skin.

We Know How to Dress Modestly With Style

Learning how to dress modestly doesn’t mean learning how to dress outside of your age. You can be stylish and trendy while still covering up to fit your comfort level despite what you might see in the magazines.

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