Kitchen Works Saved Quarantine

What happens when your three kids suddenly can’t go to school because of a global pandemic? Parents like me suddenly find themselves struggling to keep their little ones safe, fed, educated, and entertained! At first, my family leaned into the chaos (“Sure, you can eat frozen waffles for every meal. Why not? It’s quarantine!”). But as the lockdown dragged on, it became clear that we’d have to try and establish a little order in this new household dynamic.

For me, one of the hardest parts about quarantine was finding unique ways to feed my picky kids THREE TIMES A DAY. Most days, I survived only with the help of my Cuisinart food processor — more specifically, the french fry disc blade that helped me make the fries and julienned veggies that made up most snack times. So you can only imagine how upset I was when my poor disc blade broke!

I immediately went online to find a replacement disc blade, but I ran into a few issues. Firstly, many of the blades available online are used, and I was NOT interested in buying a used blade only to have it break on me again. Secondly, most of these blades were grossly overpriced! Our family (like many) was already strapped for cash due to the lockdowns, so I needed to get a replacement disc that gave me the most bang for my buck.

Eventually, my searching led me to Kitchen Works, Inc. Unlike other sites I’d browsed, this one had the exact blade disc for my machine (and I was able to confirm that thanks to their guide to finding your food processor model number). Best of all, I was able to purchase the part for a lower price than most other sites. I even grabbed a blade and disc storage accessory without going over my budget!

The disc arrived in just a few days and it was in great condition when it arrived. I stuck it right in my processor for a perfect fit! Next thing I know, my kids are clamoring into the kitchen — apparently they have some sort of “sixth sense” about when snacks are coming! 

If you want to get bona fide Cuisinart food processor parts at more reasonable prices than other stores, you have to visit Kitchen Works, Inc. But perhaps even more importantly, you should visit Kitchen Works if you want to support small businesses during this weird time in the world. Big companies are only getting bigger, and local businesses keep getting lost in the shuffle. As an ATL girl, I was happy to support an Atlanta area business — and now that they’ve expanded their reach through their online store, anyone can enjoy their helpful service and great products. I know that Kitchen Works made my quarantine a whole lot easier. Happy cooking (and good luck to all the fellow parents out there. We can do this)!