Kylie Jenner Coachella Hair

You may have seen my new look hanging around on my Instagram feed lately (which you can stalk here) looking all mermaid like and colourful – and it’s all thanks to the guys at Matrix Haircare! To celebrate the launch of their brand new Color Sync Watercolors, the team invited me to get a hair makeover by one of the fabulous creative directors Adam at the Ethos salon in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Adam was absolutely fantastic from the first initial consultation about the range and it was a really exciting journey with me being quite adventurous with colour. Cue the Oakley sunglasses and bring on the sun!! I decided the moment I got in the chair what we should go for and as soon as the words ‘Kylie Jenner’ and ‘Coachella’ left my mouth, he got what I was going for straight away!

The new Watercolor range features a variety of colours with Moss Green, Quartz Pink, Coral Peach, Blue Sapphire and Berry Violet – and with my new rainbow look i’m fairly positive I tried them all! The dyes were created as a development from the previously popular pastel shades that we’ve seen everywhere for the past few years and the idea is to create a muted and wearable colour for any age group. The most impressive part to start with? The fact that these colours easily covered my roots where no other dyes has been able to. Naturally, my hair doesn’t take to colour very well – to the point where even a dark brown dye hasn’t been able to touch it, so when the pink covered my roots with no effort at all I was really excited! With a touch of Ceramide and conditioning effect in the dyes, my hair was left feeling soft, shiny and vibrant.

I wanted to go for something that would really show off the potential of the Watercolor’s as the concept behind the product is to ‘unleash your inner artist’, so blending the colour range into one look seemed like the perfect opportunity to really give these a go. The colours work really well with one another and can be toned down more with the clear dye dependant on the look you’re going for – although I found the colours fade out really nicely from their pure form into a lovely pastel wash.

We started off with a root stretch, blending my natural root into the colour (although as mentioned my roots took well to the colour anyway) starting by applying the Quartz Pink in its pure form and eventually creating a colour melt with the Blue Sapphire into Moss Green, and then into a diluted Moss Green for a muted effect on the ends. Each section was blended into the other and to avoid a colour clash against my skin we dyed small sections that framed my face with the Coral Peach, keeping a warm glow to my skin.

The Watercolor range makes experimenting easier than ever before with a more muted and sophisticated touch for those who prefer a slightly less ‘unicorn’ look or are just edging into a braver style – and there’s a colour available for everyone. Which shade catches your eye the most?