Passive soundbar from ELAC Explained

Soundbars are space savers as they don’t have to take the space of a whole multi-speaker surround sound system. That makes them a great way to improve the home theatre system. There are a lot of soundbar options to be considered, including passive and active soundbars.

Unlike active soundbars, passive soundbars don’t have a built-in amplifier. That means they won’t work correctly without external amplifiers or receivers. This article explains what Elac soundbar speakers are.

Why do people use it in the first place?

As compared to other modern hi-res sound system solutions, the passive soundbar from Elac produces better audio quality. Most people are, therefore, likely to go for it even though it’s installation process is more complicated and expensive. But before one spends hundreds of dollars on one, it’s essential to know its features.

The passive soundbar channels

ELAC’s passive soundbar has left and right channels, which are similar in performance to the traditional bookshelf speakers. The user gets dialogue from their favourite movies, and TV shows center stage without using the footprint of a traditional home theatre speaker system.

Each channel is connected to the receiver or amplifier option. The receiver processes the information from the other home theatre pieces resulting in proper communication.

In a home theatre setup, ELAC’s passive soundbar can replace the front, right, and center speakers. Within this same setup, they also process other outside speakers thanks to the separate amplifier. That is a plus for this soundbar over the active one.


The Best raw sound quality

The sound quality of this device is excellent and matches its price. It’s better than many other options because of its smooth-crisp sound and heart-pounding audio.


These speakers can be connected to outside speakers because they don’t need receivers or amplifiers to function. That means more complex sounds for the home media room.

On top of that, a crisper smoother, and more vibrant sound effect can be achieved through the dedicated, flexible amplifier of these devices.

Better audio input

The right and left channel of a passive soundbar from ELAC can be connected independently to an amplifier or receiver. That ensures the home theatre audio blends well and pushes the sound system to its limits to allow a user to take more juice from it.



A lot of planning and execution is involved in wiring the speakers, soundbar, and amplifier or receiver because it’s not just a plug-and-play system. It would, therefore, be advisable to buy other speakers if an individual can’t manage its installation process.


For a user only looking to upgrade their TV’s speaker, a passive soundbar may not be economical. But if one wants to get more sound output for a media room, then ELAC’s passive soundbar is the right fit.


Elac’s passive soundbar speakers are an excellent option for people who want to save space using a standalone speaker that doesn’t require many connections. Although they’re not easy to install and are quite expensive, they offer better audio output, flexibility, and the best raw sound quality.