Some tips and tricks in data processing in aviation

Data migration is no piece of cake. It’s a highly complicated task. The quality of your data, while working under pressure and time constraint, will go a long way in determining the value of the aircraft. The data needs to be retrieved from multiple people who will have different standards.

  • User acceptance tests have to be detailed

Plan on running tests beforehand to ensure if the data is deemed fit to go live. The user acceptance test is an elaborate test of data processing. Provided the test goes without a hitch, the data will be ready to go live.

  • Do not multitask, concentrate on one subject

Regarding data migration, it is of pivotal importance that you focus on one subject at hand and not juggle with multiple projects. Methodical management; taking one step at a time will warrant success. Go from static to dynamic data. It is akin to building a house, starting with laying a foundation and then moving on to the walls and ceiling.

  • Be open-minded to new changes

Think outside the box and don’t become a prisoner of your ways. I know it feels good to stay within the comfort zone but your way may not be the best.

  • Planning an elaborate project in advance

Before jumping into data migration, you might want to outline a skeletal layout of the process. This should also comprise the names of the people who have handled different areas of the project. Give credit where it’s due. These people decidethe length of discussions and make the final decisions. Chalk out a plan and stick by it if you want to save on time and budget.

  • Key-users

It’s crucial to have them onboard right from the start. They are skilled professionals who have worked for years in the field and comprehend the worth of data.

  • Set a high standard and repeat

A standard template along with data standardization is the core base in the whole process. Once tested and passed, it can become a recurrent part of the regimen. You need the right tools to perform the task as it can save a colossal amount of time. It will also enable you to reach superior levels of quality over the course of time. For example, Sonovison technical data conversion offers a full extension of services like management of data and the exercise of the latest engineering documentation.

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