A Typical Daily Routine for Your Dog or Cat

Imagine your dog waking up to a cup of coffee. He takes a bath in hot water, dresses up, cuddles you, and leaves for office. You stay alone in the house with no one to talk to. You long for your dog to come back. This happens every day. Suddenly you wake up from your dream. You thank God that there has not been a role reversal in your house.

Daily routine for your dog or cat

Pets are like babies. They depend on you 24 x 7. When you adopt a dog, you also bring home several responsibilities; responsibilities that may force you to break your schedule and try something new. For example, you don’t go for morning walks. Your fitness trainer instructed to walk at least one mile every day. But you somehow miss your alarm. You even promise yourself to walk at night but return home so tired that you sleep on your couch. This type of lifestyle is still fine if you live alone. But, your doggo won’t approve.

It may seem strange that you have to adapt to your dog’s lifestyle, but that’s the nature of this world. Incredible things come in small packages, and it fits correctly for your dog. Now that you know your responsibilities,et’s take a look at a typical daily routine for your Cats That Dont Shed.

  1. Toilet and play

No, don’t even think of mixing these two activities. It will make your life a living hell. Dogs usually go to the toilet after waking up. Make sure you wake up along with your dog. Activate three or four alarms to avoid sleeping for long periods. Take your dog to the toilet instead of checking your Facebook notifications. Once they finish their business, take them out for a walk. You can also carry your dog’s favourite toys along so that he/she doesn’t feel bored.

  1. Breakfast and walk

Dogs should usually have two meals a day. The ideal time to feed them breakfast is at least an hour after they take their morning dump. Like you start your day with milk and cereal, give the best wet dog food to your pupster. You can even share the same dining table. But don’t end up sharing the same bowl.

Also, don’t forget to take your dog for a brisk walk after breakfast. It not only keeps your dog fit but also keeps you in shape. Who knows, you can meet another dog lover in the park and end up bringing him/her in your home too!

  1. Keep enough toys

Your dog shouldn’t feel lonely when you go to work. Keep enough toys and tidbits ready to keep him/her busy throughout the day.

  1. Night meal and walk

Your first job after returning home is not to slouch on your couch. Instead, offer your pet a bowl of fresh water. Prepare a meal consisting of minced meat. Take him/her out for a walk after both of you finish having dinner.

Repeat this routine every day. You will soon see that your dog is making you lead a healthier lifestyle than before.

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