Special Tips for Building a Safety Culture

Have you ever wondered why some companies are always ranked at the top in terms of performance? How do they receive so many safety awards every year? The secret is cultivating a culture of safety in the workplace. Even if you have invested in health and safety equipment, but the workers are not motivated, the risk or accidents and disasters will always be high. In this post, we will highlight some tested and proven tips for building a safety culture.

Remind Staff about Causes of Accidents with Posters 

One of the most effective methods of telling employees about safety and causes of accidents is through posters. Indeed, you will find many manufacturing units with well-displayed safety posters in the offices and the main entrance. To make the posters more effective, you need to place them not just in the manager’s offices, but the entire manufacturing facility.

Even when an employee is new to an area, it will be easy to warn him of the danger associated with a machine, chemical or other hazards. Remember to make the message on the posters simple and visible even from a distance.

Use Humor when Designing Safety Slogans

When creating a safety plan for your manufacturing facility as reflected here, the primary goal is ensuring that staff gets the message as clearly as possible. One way of making your staff remember the safety information is associating it with humor slogans. Try to understand what your staff likes most and integrate safety info humorously with it. Indeed, you could even ask your staff to suggest the preferred slogans so that they can associate with them more.

Reward those who go Out of their Way to Keep Others and Plant Safe

There is nothing that tickles in the mind of an employee like appreciating even the little actions that he/she takes to get a job done. When it comes to safety, rewarding employees who show commitment to safety will encourage others to also follow the same trend.

Peg Promotion to Commitment to Safety

Most staff in a business look forward to one thing: moving up the management hierarchy. Therefore, making the commitment to safety one of the pillars of promotion is likely to make everyone more conscious and committed to keeping the facility safe.

When it comes to building a safety culture, no effort should be spared. You should particularly target adopting innovative methods that will make employees remember the safety message and move out of the way to stay safe.