The History Of Online Poker – The Most Successful Gambler Game

Technology has undergone a lot of inventions throughout the decades in many fields. It has vast innovations and upgrades undergone. One such thing is gambling. Gambling websites are abundant online. You should choose the right one to have better ideas. Poker online is one such thing. It’s been 25 years of this great sensation, among the gambling games online.

How did it start?

The first-ever online poker games online were introduced in the mid-1990 s with text based on IRC. Accompanied by planet poker in1992, the real money based game came into existence. The middle of the 2000s found an explosion of huge new websites and a lot of interested players too. One of the huge setbacks on the  poker online was black Friday in 2011.there is a considerable growth of online poker in the US. 

The first online poker site 

Yes, as said earlier the online-based real money-making site was bought out by planet poker. It gained a lot of popularity as well as players too. The big-name, Mike Caro was so famous all over the sites. One of the still surviving subscription-free sites is planet poker. It was the only game in the town.

The early 2000s of poker

The other bets that rose were Ultimate Bet, Party Poker, Poker Stars, and dozens of sites were coming out for play. Healthy competitions and a lot of choices were some of the benefits during the period.

The popularity of online poker

The large, multi-table tournament was the extra feature that was added to pre-existing poker games. The extension of poker games from manual to online brought a lot of million players to play. It was a huge explosion and a great success. Some of the new sites that were introduced, Ladbrokes in Europe by 2002, full tilt poker in 2004. The enhancement of graphics increased the quality and quantity of the players.

The golden age of online poker

So it is said that 2003-2006 was the golden period of poker as a lot of players gained millions and it was viral through the internet. It was also telecasted as various stories of the players on televisions. This major success of this online game led many people to sign up for the games. Gradually the poker players also increased. People earned a lot just like that and not more effort as required for manual casino-like gaming sitting around with unpleasant mind and confusions.

Nowadays online gaming like poker has become a hobby for many people .the statistics tell us that there are more than 600 million websites. Also, there are 100 million players. Technology always results in a great impact on gaming. The introduction of the mobile application of poker games brought great ease for the players. So that it is not necessary to have a pc all the time while playing. It sounds great for the extension of a site from its initial to the final state.