Top 3 Old Telugu Movies

There are many incredible films in the Telugu language today, but it is interesting to note that the old movies in the Telugu language were just as impressive. That is what we will find out now. Telugu’s history dates back to 1912 when they first introduced the silent film and officially began shooting and releasing films in 1921. The first film was BhismaPratighna, directed by RaghupathiVenkaiah Naidu. This film soon captured the hearts of viewers, and the Telugu Industry was convinced that they had released the best film. Of course, they did not stop there. They expanded the production. Many exciting films have been published in the Telugu language during these years. Such films were mostly based on religious themes, which the audience liked very much.

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In 1933, great success followed The East India Film Company’s excellent film created by Sati Savithri. This film was released in the language of Telugu. Also noteworthy is the fact that this was the first movie with a sound in South India. That’s why this film has gained a great love for the people.


Sirivennela is an excellent work published in Telugu in 1986, which tells a beautiful story. Hari Prasad is a blind flutist who lives with his young sister in a village, Jaipurnear. Hari also plays the flute to make money. One day the guide Jyothirmai will accidentally hear Hari being beaten and will like him very much, so he will do his best to help Hari become a famous flutist. Years go by, and Hari Prasad becomes PanditHari Prasad. At this time, he falls in love with Jyothirmai, on whom he also gets married, but on the wedding day, Jyothirmai commits suicide. Jyothirmai is summoned to hand over his eyes to Hari after his death. Jyothirmai also wants the funeral to be held as a wedding and also to hide Hari’s death.


Premabhishekam is a 1981 Telugu-language work that tells such a story. Rajesh falls in love with Devi after being together for a while as they quarrel and break up with each other. Nevertheless, Devi will soon change her mind and reconcile with Rajesh and decide to get married. A few days before the wedding, Devi’s brother Dr. Chakravarthy finds out that Devi has cancer, so she tries to ruin the marriage. Yet Rajesh and Devi decide to marry in silence, at which point it becomes known that Rajesh’s closest friend Prasad is also in love with Devi. What will happen next? You can continue to see all of this in the film.


Suryavamsham itself is also one of the most popular films released in the Telugu language. The film tells the story of SakthivelGounder, one of the richest, influential, and educated people in the entire district. SakthivelGounder has a beautiful wife, Latha and four children, three sons, and one daughter. SakthivelGounder hates her youngest son, ChinnarasuSakthivel. The daughter’s wedding has already been scheduled, and Nandi is the groom’s sister. She meets Chinnarasu on her brother’s wedding day and tells the story of why she doesn’t like Sakthivel. Chinnarasu’s sidekick Rasappa tells a flashback to Nandini. The most exciting thing is what will happen next.

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