These Are Common Signs You May Need To Replace Your Roof

If you own your home for a long time, eventually a roof replacement will be needed. However, if you have a small leak in the upstairs bedroom, does not necessarily mean you will need a new roof. The leak could be caused by other problems. However, if you are worried that it is your roof, there are some warning signs to indicate it may be time to call a residential roofing consultant.

  1. How old is the roof?

They do not make a roof to last forever. Residential roofing consultants agree that the average lifespan of a roof is about 25 years. It is important to make sure that a newer roof was not installed over an older roof. Even though the newer roof may be under 25 years of age, the older roof can be causing the problems.

2    Take a look at your shingles

Are there a lot of shingles missing from the roof? If there is, it is certainly a sign that it may be time for a replacement. The job of the shingles is to be a layer of protection. If they are missing, they leave the area wide open to leaks and other problems. Always inspect your roof after storms to make sure that they are still intact. Do not wait for a problem first.

3    Check the gutters

Shingles are covered in what is called granules. Check the gutters and take note of the number of granules that you see. Losing a lot of granules is a sign that the shingles are getting old. Also, if you notice a lot of discoloration on the roof, this can be a sign that there has been a significant granular loss. This too should be checked after a heavy storm.

4    Shingles that are curling and buckling

When inspecting your roof, note any shingles that are beginning to curl or buckle at the ends. This is a sign that the shingles are aging. Especially take note to the sides of the house that are in direct sunlight. The direct sunlight tends to speed up this process. The curling and buckling could also be a sign that the shingles are defective, which means a new roof will be needed.

5    Examine the roof valleys

The roof valleys are an important part of the overall roof system. The valleys are responsible for transporting rain and snow to the gutters. If shingles are starting to crumble or are completely missing from the valley, the roof becomes compromised. It is almost certain that leaks will occur. The water will run into the home instead of down the valley. If this is the case, it is time for a new roof.

6    See the day of light through the roof

Head up to the attic and see if you see daylight through the roof boards. If you can see through them, then it is certainly time for a new roof. If you can walk on your roof and you notice a spring in your step, it is because of their moisture in the underlying deck. Moisture should not be able to get into any layer of the roof. Make sure to check the attics insolation for moisture. This is another sign that moisture is getting into the roof or that there is a leak. Not only can this cause mold, but it also means that there is a problem with the roof, and you may need a new roof.