Tips To Buy Effusion Lamp As Gifts

Gifting a loved one that unique item can prove to be a tricky task. Congratulations if you have been able to zero in on that one thing you know they would totally love. If you are thinking of a unique way to dazzle a perfume lover with a gift, then an effusion lamp is the way to go.

Effusion lamps are lamps used to spread scented alcohol into a room. It is also referred to as fragrance or catalytic lamp. The lamp is very healthy as it actively perfumes and purifies the air at the same time.

Don’t know how best to shop for these beautiful items? Well, we have put together a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for an effusion lamp as a gift for your loved one.

Budget right

After you have decided to get an effusion lamp as a gift item, the first thing you should do is to find out if it works with your budget. This is pretty important as the oils can be a bit pricey! If you are still months or even weeks away from the day you wish to deliver this gift item, you can conveniently save up. That is, of course, if it is a bit higher than what was initially budgeted because trust me, whoever gets this as a gift package will be so thankful!

Look out for the right fragrance

After you have decided on the budget, the next thing to do is to begin your search for the right scent. This is very important, as a fragrance can make or mar the atmosphere. There are high impact oils and low impact oils. To know which fragrance to go for, check out the fragrance type your loved one wears often. For instance, if they prefer to be in soft, mild, and hard to trace base note fragrances, then you should totally start looking out for low impact fragrance oils. If, on the other hand, they prefer flowery and sweet scents, then you should go for fragrances of similar fashion.

Look out for longevity

Many effusion lamps burn out pretty quickly. This could probably just be a figment of the imagination as we all like to have good things last for us. Regardless of this, ensure that you are given an estimated time frame that a particular wick will last and make sure to compare this information with other wicks and stores.


Since it is a gift item, it would be best to shop for an effusion lamp in a store that already has it as a gift package. That way, you don’t spend extra bucks packaging the gift. Several online stores have effusion lamps as a gift package ready to be delivered to your loved one, simply.