What Are the Different Types of Tractors Available in India?

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The word ‘tractor’ is derived by combining ‘trac’ (from traction) and ‘tor’ (from motor). In the early 18th century, such equipment was used only for traction and was known as traction motor.

During the start of the 19th century, three-wheel tractors were manufactured for commercial use. Today, tractors are primarily used in the agricultural sector for pulling or pushing different implements around the field.

Tractors are classified based on their applications, as follows:

  1. Construction type

This is the first major category; it is further divided into two types:

  • A tractor wherein the driver can sit and drive it
  • A walking-type tractor wherein the operator walks alongside it
  1. Types of drives

These include:

  • Track-type tractors: These have tracks fitted on the sides, instead of on the wheels; they are further classified as half-track and full-track tractors.
  • Wheel-type tractors: These are widely used for agricultural purposes; they have fast speeds and fitted tires to absorb field shocks.
  1. Purpose

The various kinds of tractors in this category include:

  • Utility tractors: These are used for general tasks around the farms where the farmer cannot afford other machines to carry out certain activities.
  • Row crop tractors: These can perform multiple tasks like pulling seed drills, plowing, leveling, and harrowing.
  • Orchard-type tractors: These are taller than normal tractors and are used to pluck fruits or trim trees in an orchard.
  • Industrial tractors: These are fitted with cranes for lifting and pulling loads; they are also known as tuggers.
  • Garden tractors: These machines are extremely small in size and are used for cutting grass or making flower beds in gardens.
  • Rotary tillers: These are walking-type tractors useful in smaller or hilly fields of varying
  • Implement carriers: These are fitted with an extended chassis frame between the rear and front tires to mount various farming equipment.
  • Earthmoving tractors: These heavy, strong machines come in track and tire options; they are used to move the earth for projects like quarries, dams, and other construction works.

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