Top 5 Link Building Techniques in 2020

Off-page SEO is an integral factor in website optimization for ranking, which includes various techniques. Google specified multiple factors on which it judge the quality of your site and content. One of those factors is link building. In today’s post, we will tell you important things about link building. 

So, let us jump into the main content of this post. 

What do you mean by backlinks?

Backlinks are basically the references from other websites to your website. These are also termed as inbound links and they are highly crucial to know the popularity of your site for search engines such as Google. 

The process of creating these inbound links or backlinks is famous as link building or backlink creation. Later in this post, we will be sharing with you the top 5 link building techniques in 2020 that will definitely help you to achieve your business objectives. 

Can a Site Rank Without Link Building?

No, a site cannot rank without backlinks or inbound links because of the following reasons:

  • Inbound Links are the No.1 ranking factor of Google
  • Backlinks are the source to prove your reliability to search engines
  • Backlinks pass link juice- authority and trust
  • Google gives confirmation that any site without backlinks is unnatural
  • Helps in indexing of your site

This list is longer…

You can verify this information directly by going through Google’s search guidelines. 

Top 5 Link Building Techniques in 2020

Now that you know that you need to do link building for your website or blog to make it rank on the first page of search engines, here are the 5 best link building techniques in 2020. These techniques are widely chosen by SEO specialists to improve overall site performance and authority. 


  • Directory Submission


In the past, phone directories were used by people to record personal and business contact numbers. Those telephone directories were just meant to be used for phone number listing. But, at this point you can easily find contact details of any business on the internet owning to the web directories. These directories are very similar to phone directories but the only difference is that they record website links or URLs. 

There are many directory submission sites that allow you to submit your website URL in their database for quick and easy retrieval of business information by the users. 


  • Guest Posting


Another famous link building technique is Guest Posting. In this method, you will have to do manual outreach to other high DA website or blog owners to submit your content. Once you get approval for guest posting, you will need to design a blog post on trending topic of your niche according to the guidelines provided by the owner of that other website. Guest posting can be done for free and through paid approach. We suggest you going for the free guest posting sites initially and gradually you can switch to paid ones also. 


  • Article Submission


On the internet, you will find numerous free article submission sites where you can post an article on any topic of your niche or industry. These articles will need approval by the moderator or admin to get a backlink so make sure you write high-quality articles with proper formatting and keywords. 


  • Blog Commenting


Relevant backlinks can be created through blog commenting sites. You simply have to post an appropriate comment on other peoples’ blogs and leave your website link there. Ensure you post a good comment briefly describing how that particular post helped you so other users get compelled to visit your site too. 


  • Classified Submission


Classified submission sites enable you to post advertisements for your products and services. Using free classified submission sites, you can reach to local clients with great ease.  

Final Words

Hope this post has helped you to understand the concept of link building and how quality backlinks can be created conveniently. There are many other link building techniques but the above 5 are the most preferred ones in the industry. So, start building relevant inbound links for your business as soon as possible to make it visible to as many customers as possible. 


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